Actions in Axpert

The structures  (TStructs and IViews) describe only static data and could be used to display information to end user. An application is expected to perform various functions when certain events occur. In Axpert terminology,these functions are described as actions.

  • Actions are collections of simple tasks that are combined together with business rules. Actions work on the data elements within the structures.
  • Actions constitute a set of tasks as well as conditions defined sequentially in an order .
    • Tasks are a set of basic software functions .For instance sending email, transforming data into different data formats like MS Word, restricting access to data based on business rules, printing a form and running a web service .
    • Conditions are those rules based on which the tasks are executed.If constructs are used to specify conditions.
  • Actions can be executed through various events like on click, after save, form load etc.
  • The user can define an action within a Page, a TStruct or an IView.To define an action for a TStruct or an IView use the Actions tab within the TStruct Definition Window and IView Definition.For a page, click on the Action button within the Page Design menu bar.The Action Definition is similar for all the three except for some minor variations.
  • Actions can also be Scheduled to execute at  prerecorded time interval using the Schedule Actions functionality in the Build Tool bar.

Defining an action

  • Actions can be created by selecting  Actions -> New in the toolbar .

Follow the steps in the screenshot below to create an action.

Defining an action

--> Defining an action

A step by step description of how to create an action is available at Getting Started -Actions

Break on execution failure

If break on execution failure  is checked, the action execution will be halted if any built in task or any of the lines in the user defined task raises an exception.  You can also provide a standard message when such an exception occurs. The message may contain field names preceded by colon to embed data from the structure.

Validate before execution

The Validate before execution option is used to validate data before executing an action in a TStruct/ IViews.