Background actions

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The Background Actions option allows  you to define actions  that need to be executed in the background – for example – multiple table update, sending bulk email etc. To define a background action,

  • In the Build mode, click on Tools->Background Actions->New.
  • Define the action in the same manner as regular actions. For background actions Events need not be specified.
  • Click Save.

Executing Background Actions

Background actions need to be called via the Axpert Scheduler (AXE) utility. Ensure that the  Axpert Scheduler is available in the Axpert folder.

To execute background actions,

  • Create a batch file with the following instruction

<name of the axe.exe> <application_name> <admin user_name> <action_name>

For eg :

axe9.5  myapp admin test_action

Here, admin is the admin user of the application and test_action is the background action name. axe9.5 is the name given to the Axpert Scheduler.

  • Call the batch file in Windows Task Scheduler.

Note : Creation of Batch file is optional. The Axe with the required parameters can be directly specified in the Windows Task Scheduler.