Printing reports using PDF command

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This page describes the steps to be followed to print a report using the PDF command in actions.

  • Create a field that lists the files to be printed. The field should have MOE as Select  with the relevant query.  In the screen shot below, printdoc is a select field that lists all the files. This field could be a drop down list or a checklist.  With the checklist you can select multiple documents for print (from version 9.6 onwards).


  • Create another field printfilename to store the selected file name from the printdoc field. This field should have MOE as Calculate and Expression should be set to printdoc.


  • To specify the filepath where the generated pdf should be downloaded, create a field filepathdown. Set the Expression to {C:\}+{pdf}+{\}.


  • Create an action doprint and select the command pdf. Fill in the details in the right hand panel as shown below.


  • Apply and select the Event as On Click.  Save the action.
  • Attach the action to a button.