Dynamic drill downs

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The hyperlink feature in IViews can be used to navigate from one page or structure to another. This feature can also be used to define a drill down in the application. To create a drill down, first, a parent  IView and child IView should be defined .The child IView should be displayed on the click of a hyperlink in the parent.

The data in the columns of parent IView can be passed to the parameters in the child IView. This is done by mapping the column values from parent IView to parameters of a child IView.

Consider an IView that displays person wise sales information as below.

Person Sales
Rakhee 89000
Kabir 87000
Peter 80000
Robert 75000


A hyperlink from the person name should display the product wise sales as below.

Product wise sales of Rakhee

Product Sales
Washing machine 42000
Refrigirator 35000
Electric stoves 12000


In the above example, the person wise sales is the parent IView and the product wise sales is the child IView.

In the hyperlink definition, set the product wise sales as the IView as the Define the person name as a parameter in the child IView. Map the person column in the parent to the person parameter in child IView.

You can display the parameter value in the heading of the IView (as shown above). This is done by speicifying the parameter names preceeded by colon in the heading string. In the above example the heading string would be “Product wise sales of :Person”.

Every column can have a hyperlink that can load different IViews. Hyperlinks can be defined to popup the child structure or page by setting the container as popup.

You can define drill-down upto any level.

When drill downs are defined for a structure but the user does not have access to the structure, then the child page will not be displayed with contents.