Steps to create a simple IView

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In this section we will  create a simple IView report using the definition given below. Ensure that you are familiar with the IView definition window and its components before proceeding with the IView creation. The IView being created here retrieves data from the Vendor TStruct created in Steps to create a simple TStruct.


Type Name Properties
Iview Name = List (max 8 characters allowed, no space)
Caption = Vendor List
Report Heading 1 = List of Vendors
SQL SQL Select VendorsId, SupplierName, Address, Taxno from vendors
  • In the  Build mode, click New -> Report/IView.
  • Click Options->Properties,enter the Name and Caption of the IView in the IView Properties window.
  • Enter the SQL statement in the SQL window. Click  the Execute button to execute and view the column names in the panel below.
Defining an Iview

Defining an Iview

  • Save the IView.
  • Double Click on vendorsid  in the panel below to view and modify its properties.
Double click to view column properties

Double click to view column properties

Column Properties

Column Properties


  • Select Hidden to hide the vendorsid column.
  • Click Apply and then Close.
  • Similarly double click other fields to display the column properties and change the captions of other columns to Supplier Name, Address and Tax No  respectively.
  • Save the changes.
  • Click Run. The Vendor List IView with the data is displayed.
Iview Report

Iview Report

Sorting Iviews

  • You can sort the rows in the IView in ascending or descending order . To do this ,right click on the title row of the IView. It will be sorted by the contents of the column in which you right clicked.

You have now created an IView report using a simple SQL statement.