Change Management Console

Change management console is a  feature that has been introduced in Axpert Desktop 9.5.This feature allows developers to change rules across structures at run time.

This feature can be used to do an impact analysis before doing a change.

Consider changing the expression in a field in a TStruct. This field may be used or referred in many other TStructs. Users can now run a query across TStructs that will list all the structures in which this field used. It may be used in an SQL, master field or in a genmap or MDMap. The impact analyzing capability greatly enhances the change management capability.

Change rules across structures

Consider a case where there is a field named rate across several forms. The user now needs to disable this field (read only = True) in all the forms where this field exists. Using the change management console all the forms where this field exists can be displayed.  The Do update option in the console can be used to change any of the field properties like expressions, Mode of entry, SQL statements, hidden, read only etc.

Note : The field properties that have an impact on the physical database structure like data type, width, decimals cannot be changed using this option.

How to use the Change Management Console

The change management console option is available only at run time under the Utilities menu and only for those users with access permission.

On selecting the option from the Utilities Menu, the console opens and requires the user to specify the Search Criteria. Structures can be searched on the basis of MOE, SQL Text, Field names, Expressions etc. After entering the criteria, click on Display Details to view the list of structures.



Display Details

On clicking the Display Details button, the console generates a report that lists fields from the structures that satisfy the entered criteria. The report consists of structure name, caption, dc name, field name, field caption, MOE, expression, SQL text etc.


The fields in the report generated using Display Details option can be further filtered based on wide range of parameters. To filter the report values, click on View -> Filter in the Console window.


Use the Find option to search for a particular value in Console Report.

Cell Click/Double Click

Clicking any cell in the report will display the selected cell value with in a Pop up window. Double clicking on a cell under the SQL Text column will display the SQL Text corresponding to the selected cell.

Update rules across structures

To perform this update, the user should generate the Console Report and then choose one or more fields and click on Do Update button in the tool bar. This will bring up a Do Update dialog box. Here the selected property values can be changed and applied to selected fields.


  • Open Change Management Console at run time.
  • Select MOE as Select from TStruct, select Is Read Only as Yes and Is Visible as Yes.
  • Click on Display Details. This will display a report which lists all the read only fields which has MOE – Select from TStruct and is not hidden.
  • In the report, click on Do Update
  • In the Change what list box, select the required option. For e.g. Caption.
  • Specify the search string and the replace string and click Do Update.