Entering and viewing data at runtime

For every TStruct created and saved, Axpert by default provides options to

  • Accept data from end user in the transaction form.
  • Save records to corresponding table.
  • Load any data for modifications.
  • Delete a record from the table.
  • List the  existing records.
Default operations during runtime

Default operations during runtime

To enter and view data in the transaction form at run time,

  • Click Run.
  • In the  input form that appears,enter the data and click Save. The asterik(*) represents a mandatory inputfield.
  • Click List View to view the data. The mandatory field will have a hyperlink that will enable you to view or edit the corresponding record .In our example, click on the hyperlink under Supplier Name to view or edit the individual record. You can read more about List View here.
List of records in run mode

List of records in run mode


  • Use the Navigation Buttons to move back and forth between screens. Click  Refresh button to refresh the data displayed in the List View.