Adding button,labels or images to a form

To add a button,label or image to a Form,

  • Right click on the form and select the relevant option from the right click menu.
  • For a button, define the Button properties; for an image select the image to be loaded ; and for a label specify the caption of the label.

Button Properties

Selecting the Add Button option from the context menu brings up the Define buttons window.

Define buttons

Define buttons

Property Description
Caption The caption to be displayed on the button.
Action Button clicks can be associated with a script. Create the action to be executed for on click event and link it here.
Task The task that should be carried out on button click.These tasks are the default functionalities available in Axpert.Select from the list. Tasks cannot be selected if an action has been defined for the button and vice versa
Image The icon that should be displayed on the button should be specified here.Click Load to bring up the list.
Position The Position of the icon on the button. Select from the list.
Hint The tip that should be displayed when the mouse pointer moves over the button.

Hyperlinks using labels

Labels can be made into hyperlinks. For this ,

  • Select the label and right click on it.
  • In the pop up, enter the required details.

Using label to hyperlink

  •  Input a unique name for the hyperlink.Select the Type (TStruct/IView/Page) and Structure Name.
  • The hyper link can open another structure (TStruct/IView) within the same container. Alternatively, it can also open it in another page. Use the Popup IView/TStruct checkbox for this purpose.