Tracking changes to data in a TStruct

Set the Track Changes property to maintain the history of changes made to transactions within a TStruct. The changes made to all or selected fields in the TStruct can be specified. Similarly, changes by all or selected users can be specified.

Track Changes

Track Changes

  • When this option is  set to True, a table named <Transid>history is created. This is called the history table. Any changes made to a transaction after creation is stored as a record in this table. The changes are recorded in a XML format and stored into this table.For eg: If the transid of Account Master is ‘cust’, then the table name will be ‘custhistory’. This table will have the following fields :
    •   Recordid  – record id is the table id of the Account master table
    •   Modifieddate – when the data was modified
    •  Username – who modified
    •  FieldName – the field name that was modified
    •  OldValue – the previous data
    •   NewValue – the current data
  • When this property is set to true,the View History option gets activated during run time.

To view the history at run time,

  • Select View History from the Tasks dropdown menu in the relevant form . This gives the details of modifications made to the TStruct fields.If  History  is enabled for a TStruct, any changes made to data can be tracked.