What is a TStruct?

  • A collection of related tables along with business rules is called a Transaction Structure (TStruct).
  • Any business entity in an application can be represented as a TStruct.
  • When a TStruct is defined, a data input form is created i.e TStructs are renderd as Data Input Forms.
  • Master data required for business transactions have to be defined as TStructs.

Note: Master TStructs contains the master data which can be used as a reference in other process structures. It may be Employee Master, Customer Master, City Master and Country Master Etc.  TStructs are also used for data transactions. They use the master TStructs as reference wherever required. For instance, a structure called Employee Salary will take the employee names and addresses from Employee Master.

The main building blocks in a TStruct are :-

  • Data containers (DC) are used to group a set of input fields into one frame in the front end and created as fields in a database table in the backend.
  • Genmaps are used to post data to other TStructs.
  • MDMaps are used to update data into a field in another master table.
  • Fillgrids are used to fill an SQL result into a grid DC.

Each of these building blocks are explained in the subsequent sections.