Data Container properties

The properties of a DC are as follows:

Property Description
Name Every DC is given a unique Name of length three in the format dc<dc number>.This default name cannot be altered.
Caption Caption of DC that is displayed at runtime. Can be altered. See also Dynamic DC Captions.

A DC is connected to the database table by setting the TableName property. All InputFields created in a DC are created as columns in the table. The first DC in the TStruct is called the Primary DC. If a TStruct contains more than one DC, the DC tables are connected to the Primary DC table. This establishes a relationship between them.

When a TStruct is created, a primary field is created by the system in the primary DC table with the name <TableName>Id. For instance, when an Item Master Tstruct is created, the field called ‘ItemMasterId’ is created as the first field in the ItemMaster table. During runtime, a unique number is generated by the system for every record saved in this field. This unique value is called Source record id.

AsGrid Set this property to True to define a Grid DC.The DC can be altered from Normal (Non-Grid) to Grid and vice-versa by changing the AsGrid property. This does not apply to the primary DC.The first or the primary DC in any TStruct should always be a Non-Grid i.e its AsGrid property should be set to False .
AllowChange Set this property to False to make a  DC read only.
AllowEmpty Applicable to Grid DC.If this property is set to False a grid DC will not allow empty values.At least one row of values needs to be input during runtime.
AddDcRows Applicable to Grid DC. Set this property to False to prevent addition of multiple rows in a grid. In this case every header will have only a single detail row.
DeleteDcRows Applicable to Grid DC. Set this property to False to prevent deletion of existing rows in a grid.
Popup Applicable to Grid DC. This property is used to define a Grid DC as a popgrid or a subgrid. This feature is used when there is a  many to many relationship between records.
Purpose This property can be used to document the purpose for which the DC has been created.