Posting to specific rows of a target grid

Consider a case where data from a non grid is to be taken and posted to a grid in the target TStruct as below.

Source TStruct




Boarding exp    

Lodging exp     


Target TStruct


Expense head Amount
Communication 1000
Boarding expense 12000
Lodging expense 25000
Conveyance 2000


You can achieve this by mapping fields as below.

Source Target field Target row
Date Date 1
“Communication” ExpenseHead 1
Communication Amount 1
“Boarding expense” ExpenseHead 2
BoardingExp Amount 2
“Lodging expense” ExpenseHead 3
LodgingExp Amount 3
“Conveyance” ExpenseHead 1

The target rows are mentioned explicitly. The rows are posted to the mentioned target rows only. The row control field can be specified for every target row. The Source From  should be selected as Value for all text enclosed in double quotes.