Introduction to Axpert™

Welcome to Axpert, the fastest and easiest way to create enterprise applications. Whether an experienced professional or someone brand new to application development, Axpert provides you a great platform for rapid application development.

So,what exactly is Axpert? Axpert is an Enterprise application development platform from Agile Labs. It allows you to develop large enterprise applications with minimal coding.

Axpert stores business rules, access-control mechanism, business logic, related parts or  in other words, the middle-tier of any application as metadata within a database. Business logic gets stored inside the database as “Structures”, thereby making the Application Server entirely redundant.

All that is to be deployed on the client node is a tiny  executable file. The technology reduces a developer’s job to a great extent because it only requires a good working knowledge of SQL.

 The fundamental components in Axpert

  • IDE for defining the structures.
  • Run time for rendering the defined structures as a desktop application.
  • Axpert Service Bus (ASB) that renders the defined structures as a web application.
  • The Axpert Presentation Layer (APL) uses the web services provided in the ASB to render the application at  run time.