Create a new application using Initialization Wizard

Follow the steps below to create a new application after Axpert Desktop is downloaded and installed in your system.

The Axpert installation will extract two exes in the Axpert folder – Axpert and axpmanager.

If your database is running on SQL Server, the new application needs to be created through axpmanager.The following instructions are applicable only for Oracle databases.

After installing, if you  run Axpert without creating any application through the axpmanager, the initialization wizard appears on the screen to guide you through the process. This is applicable only for the first launch.

  • Double click the Axpert icon to open the Initialization Wizard.
Initialization Wizard for creating application

Initialization Wizard

Note: Once a new application is created,double clicking on Axpert icon brings up the login screen.

  • Click Create New Axpert Application.
Creating application

Create application

  • In the DB textbox,select the database to which Axpert has to be connected.
  • In the Host String text box, type the database host string which is the native database’s connect identifier (Contact your Database administrator for the host string to the Database).
  • In the User Name & Password boxes,enter an existing database username and password The username should have schema creation privileges.
  • The Application Title is used to identify the application. It’ll be displayed in the title bar. Spaces and special characters are allowed here. Enter a suitable title in the Application Title box.
  • The Application Name is the internal file name or the connection name. Spaces and special characters are not allowed here.When an application is created, a schema with the same name is created in the database with the default password log. Enter a suitable name in the Application Name box.
  • Click Go.The Axpert login screen opens.
Axpert Login Window

Axpert Login Window

  • Enter the Username and Password. The default Username is admin and the default Password is agile.
  • Click Sign In. The new application opens with the Application Title displayed on top.