Images in Grid DC

Unlike other datatypes, inputfields of type Image cannot be created in grid DC. To upload one or more images for every row in a grid DC, create an inputfield named <DCName>_image. This field should be a character field. This will contain the image file names uploaded in each row.


Image field in grid dc

Image field in grid dc

If a DC contains the DC image field, then an image panel will be displayed at the bottom. This panel will show all the images in the row that has focus. The panel will have options to add, delete images and preview the images. The image field may have files of any type. As you add images, the file names are automatically added as comma separated image file names in the image field.


Displaying images in a Grid DC from a master

  • To refer to images from a master transaction, create a field named in the target DC as <dcname>_referimages. For instance, to create a reference of images in dc2, the field name should be dc2_referimages. This field value should be @ImagePath1,File1, File2,@ImagePath2,File4, File5 and so on.
  • For example, if you want to display two images from product folder and two images from supplier folder, this field value will be : @product1\img1.png,img2.png,@supplier1\img5.png,img6.png. The images specified in this field will be displayed in the image display panel.
  • The referred images can also be deleted. When deleted, the file name will be removed from the dc_referimages field.