Fill Fields

A Fill field is a field that has its mode of entry as Fill.It is used in cases where the inputfield value depends on the selection made in a previous inputfield.For instance, when a city is selected, the state name needs to be populated into a field next to it.

Fill Dialog

Fill Dialog

  • Master is any select-field that is before this field.
  • Source is the field from which the value has to be fetched. Based on the record chosen in the master-field, the value in the source-field is filled into this field.
  • If Suggestive is set to True, the value is populated into this field and it can be changed by the user.
  • If Suggestive is set to False, the value is populated into this field and even if the user changes the value, it will again be populated from the database when transaction is saved. Hence, the field value cannot be changed and saved.


When an item code is selected from Product master, its name should be filled into the Name field. This is achieved by setting the mode of entry of Name  field as Fill, Master = ItemCode, Source = ItemName in product master.

Important rules

  • In case of a fill based on select-from-tstruct the source field can be any other field from the same tstruct from which the select-field is picked up.
  • In case of a fill based on select-from-SQL, the source field can be any column in the SQL statement associated with the select-field.
  • When the value in the select-field is changed, its dependent fill-fields are also refreshed. It is refreshed even if the value has been changed by user for a not-suggestive fill-field.
  • A fill field cannot depend on select-from-list fields.
  • All the rules are applicable even when the field values in filled through a CSV import, SQL Post or Genmap.