Image & Text fields

Image fields

An image field is an inputfield with datatype selected as Image. In this case ,a database table is created for the image field in the backend. The images that are uploaded into the field are stored in this table.

Points to remember

  • There can be many image fields in the same TStruct. Each field will have a corresponding backend table. The name of the table will be transid+fieldname. The backend table will be created in the project schema by default. If a different schema is provided, the table will be created in the transaction schema.
  • By default, Axpert stores all images in database tables.  Every TStruct that has images will have a table named <TStruct name>Imagefieldname.This table will contain the record id, filename and image itself stored as a blob. For example, if a TStruct is named cntct and if it has a image field named photo, its image table will be cntctphoto.
  • For every image field an image component is displayed in the form. The image component can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the form. It can be resized to any required size.
  • At run time, the user can double click on the component to upload an image.
  • When a transaction is deleted, the corresponding images will be removed from the database tables too.
  • When an image field is deleted from the TStruct, the corresponding backend tables will be deleted in the database.
  • When a TStruct with an image field is imported into a project, the backend tables will be automatically created.
  • An image field cannot be used in a grid DC.

Text fields

A text field is created as an input field in a TStruct by setting its data type as Text. In the database table, a clob/text field is created depending on the database. In the form, a multi line text box is created. The user can enter multiple lines in this component. This feature is not yet available for text fields in grid DC.

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