Hyperlink in DisplayDetail Property

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The hyperlink in displaydetail property of inputfield can be used to link to another structure. It should  be defined with <h> </h> and the definition should be as follows :


type=i/t/p, name=tstr, popup=true/false, refresh=false/true, load=true/false, param=target_Field_Name1=:Source_Fld_Name ~ Target_Field_Name2 =:Source_Field2 ~ Target_Field_Name3=Value


Attribute Description
Type Type of the structure . It can have three values –  t (TStruct) or i(IView) or p(Page).Note: Page is not supported in Axpert on Web.
Name Name of the structure (Tstruct/IView/Page)
Popup Set  to true to open the structures in popup .If set to false, the structure will open in the same page.Default value is true.
Refresh If set to true, the parent will be refreshed on closing the child structure (popup). Default value is false.
Load If set to true ,the structure  when opened will be loaded with data.Default value is false.
Param Used to map the target and source field.

  • If field name is given as source fieldname it should be prefixed with : (colon).
  • Value can be given to source fieldname. String value should be supplied within curly braces as target_fieldname = {teststring}.
  • Numeric  value should be supplied without curly braces .Eg. target_fieldname = 10.
  • Date value should be supplied within curly braces but it should end with *d Eg.target_fieldname = {10/08/2014*d}

Examples :

  •  To open a TStruct by giving parameter value directly


  •  To open a TStruct and parameter value will be taken from the source TStruct


  •  To open an IView by giving the parameter value directly


  •  To open an IView and parameter value will be taken from the source TStruct


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