Dynamic Filter in Select Fields(Pick List)

Dynamic filters are used to enforce pagination . This is also used to provide a search on multiple fields that will help users in selection.

The Dynamic filter tag is written in  the Details property of Select-From SQL Result field.When a select field has a dynamic filter tag in the SQL string, it will be considered as a Pick List field.

A search button is available along with a pick list field. The search form lets you search on any field and choose the required record.


Consider an SQL that brings all employee names from the Employee Master to Payslip Tstruct

Select EmpName, address, phone, email, department from employees  order by name

You can use dynamic filter to paginate the result and return 1000 rows at a time to the client. It also provides a popup dialog box through which users search for an employee based on name or department.

To achieve this change the SQL as below:

Select e.EmpName, e.Address, e.Phone, e.Email, e.Department from employees e {dynamicfilter e.name,e.Department~Name,Department} order by EmpName

Note : Uncheck the Combo Box option while specifying the dynamic filter tag.

There are 2 parts in the dynamic tag separated by ‘~’.

  • The first part gives the names of the fields on which an employee can be searched. It should written along with the alias name.
  • The second part gives the captions to be displayed in the search window. This version does not support spaces or any special characters in captions.