Publish is a feature that lets you publish structures from one environment to another. This will reduce human errors during the process of deployment.

  • You can publish to two environments :
    • Agile cloud
    • Your own server
  • Using this option structures (Tstructs, Iviews and Pages) , Roles and Users , Workflows and Menus can be published. Changes in application properties  will be automatically published  during the next publish.

Steps to publish

  • To publish the application components, click Publish button in the Axpert menu bar.The Publish Window will appear.
The Publish window

The Publish window


  • In the Publish window , choose either Publish to Agile Cloud or Publish to your own server. Depending on your choice, you may have to add a domain or configure the server.
  • Use the given tabs to specify if  structures,roles,users or workflows needs to be published. Select from the list provided beneath each tab.
  • On clicking Publish , you’ll be asked to enter the App Key for the application.The 12 character App key uniquely identifies your application on Agilecloud. Click on  Generate App Key in case you’re publishing the application for the first time . In case you’ve published earlier but have lost the key, the Forgot App key link will appear. In both cases,the key will be mailed to your registerd email account.
  • After entering App key, the Version control dialog will appear.Version control provides the repository for your published structures on cloud. Each version must have a unique id (Version no.).This enables you to connect to your repository and  store/retrieve your changes using Axpmanager. Whenever structures or users, etc are published, specify a unique version no. and add the necessary comments.


Version Control

Version Control

  • Click Ok to complete the publish. Axpert will display the URL of the published application on successful completion of publish to cloud. You can use that URL to access the application in Agile cloud