Create an application using Axpert Manager

Follow the steps below to create an application using the Axpert Manager.

  • Navigate to the Axpert folder in your system. Double click on axpmanager icon.
  • In the Axpert Manager window, click on Axpert Database ->Create Application. See image below.


  • In the Connect to database panel, select the Database from the list.

Note: The Windows Authentication Checkbox in the Connect to database panel  is enabled only when Database is selected as “MS SQL”.This allows the usage of  Windows login credentials  for creating or removing an MS SQL application in Axpert Manager.

If the  check box is not selected and “Host String” ,”DB username & password” are entered, on clicking the Connect button, Axpert Manager will login to the database using SQL Server Authentication. The Application Creation/Removal remains same.

If Windows Authentication check box is selected, then the DB Username, Password boxes are disabled and DB Username filled with Current windows logon user in the Connect to database panel.


  • In the Host String box, type the database host string (Contact your Database administrator for the host string to the Database).
  • In the  User Name & Password text boxes,enter an existing database username and password ( Scott / Tiger for Oracle Applications).
  • Click Connect. The second panel in the window will get activated if the connection is successful.

Note : During the creation of a new application, the AxpManager will verify if the installed Oracle database will support Unicode character set or not. If the database does not support Unicode, a message will be displayed.

If you are connecting to an MS SQL database, you can opt for Unicode supported application by selecting Support Unicode check box. If this check box is not selected then AxpManager will create normal non-Unicode application.

Applications created with MYSQL database will have support for Unicode characters.


  • Enter the Application Name and Application Title in the Application name and  Application Title boxes respectively.Application name is the internal file name and cannot have spaces or special characters.
  • Enter a unique user name for the database schema and the Password. By default,the password for the database schema is log.
  • Click Create.
  • A new application has been created and will be listed in the application list of the login screen.
Application List

Application List

You can now log in and start working with your application!!