Exporting and importing structures

The export and import functionality in Axpert Manager is useful in cases where you need to reuse the TStruct or IView definition in an application. The functionality allows you to copy structure definitions without the data in the backend.

Follow the steps below to export or import the structures in your application

  • Open Axpert Manager
  • Navigate to Axpert Application->Export Structures on the left panel
  • Connect to the application. Select the Application name and Database. Enter the  Application credentials . Click Submit.
  • Select the structures to be exported. Specify the path to save the structures and click export.


  • Axpert Manager will export the structures into a folder named Export.

Importing Structures

  • To import the exported structures, click on Import Structures and connect to the application to import to.
  • Select the folder with the contents and select the required structures
  • Click Import

The export and import structures can be used to create and maintain application backups.