Upgrade application to newer version

An  application created in an older version of Axpert may not be compatible with a newer version. In such cases, the application needs to be upgraded using Axpert Manager.Axpert Manager is the tool used for application management in Axpert. It’ll be available as a separate executable  in the Axpert folder.

Follow the steps below to upgrade your application :

  • Navigate to the Axpert folder in your system. Double click on axpmanager icon.
  • In the Axpert Manager window, select Axpert Application -> Upgrade Version


  • To connect to the application,enter the details of the application .
  • Click Submit.

Note : Unicode support verification will be carried out by Axpert Manager during the process of upgrading applications from older versions to the current version. If the older application supports local languages and the current database doesn’t, the user will be warned of possible data loss.

  • The application name , database user name and version details are populated in the  Application Details panel .
  • Verify the details and click Upgrade.


  • The upgrade operation is complete.