Workflow example : Purchase Request

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Consider a purchase request that are raised by different users in an organization. Once a purchase request is raised, it goes to the users reporting authority for approval. Then, it goes to the purchase officer for approval. Only after this approval, it is processed by the purchase department.

Purchase Request workflow

Purchase Request workflow

You can define this by defining a work flow with the following roles at each level

1. Reporting to Manager.

2. Purchase officer.

This workflow should be attached to the purchase request transaction.

When a user enters a new purchase request, it appears in the “To do list” of the manager user. When the manager approves, it appears in the to-do list of the purchase officer for approval.

When a transaction is loaded by a user for approval, it opens with an approval bar on the top. The approval bar provides buttons to approve, reject, return or review. A user may have rights only to review a document and is not an approval authority. In that case, the appropriate buttons can be switched on when defining the work flow.