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Release Notes – Axpert 9.7

Release Date:

December 08, 2016

Currency Separator

Included feature to set dot (.) as a separator for numeric fields.

How to Implement?

In Build Mode, Go to Axpert Properties and select the option “Currency Separator as Dot (.)” as shown in the below picture and click on <Apply> button to save the changes.


If this option is selected, in run mode all the numeric column values in Transactions, reports, print documents will be displayed with dot (.) as a separator instead of the default separator comma (,).

Pick list in Iview Parameter

 Now in 9.7, like feature available in Tstruct we can also define a Pick list in Iview parameter window by selecting the mode of entry as “Pick List” in Iview parameter definition window.

How to Implement?

In Build Mode, Go to Iview Parameter definition window and select mode of entry as “Pick List’


In the Sql query string, tag the Dynamic Filter keyword. The syntax of Dynamic filter will be same as Tstruct select field as given below.

{dynamicfilter fieldname1,fieldname2~fieldcaption1,fieldcaption2}


Note: The columns should have an alias name and no spaces or special characters allowed in captions

Axpert on MS SQL Server Above 2012 version

Now Axpert is made compatible to work on MS SQL server database versions above 2012

How to Implement?

  1. A new item has been added as below to select MsSQL Sever version if the user is trying to connect to MS SQL Server.                                                                                                                                                                                                mssql1
  2. If the user is trying to connect to SQL Server 2008, system will display the requirement of client connectivity as below to the User.


  1. If the user is trying to connect to SQL Server 2012, system will display the requirement of client connectivity as below to the User.                                                                                                                                                                               mssql3
  2. If the user is trying to connect to SQL Server above 2012 version, system will display the requirement of client connectivity as below to the User.                                                                                                                                                    mssql4

That means, Axpert will be using ODBC Driver for SQL Server to establish the connection to the Servers above 2012 version. This is because Microsoft discontinued SQL Native client support for SQL Server version greater than 2012 version. And Microsoft is suggesting to use ODBC drivers for SQL Server connections, which can be down loaded from Microsoft web site. User is supposed to select the proper version of ODBC driver from web site according to their system configuration by confirming 32bit or 64bit machine etc. (Ref : https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc280510.aspx )

Once the proper version of ODBC driver for SQL Server installed is concerned machine, User needs to create a ODBC connection to the concerned SQL Server by using the following steps.

a. Open ODBC Data Source Administrator and click on Add Button.


b. Select the installed ODBC driver from the list and click Finish button as shown below.


c. Follow the steps to create the Data source (as sample shown below).


d. Select appropriate authentication for SQL Server from below list and click Next button.






Once “Tests completed successfully” as highlighted above, ODBC Data source is ready to connect to the specified SQL Server by using the provided ODBC Data source name (eg:-SQLConn used in above example) .

  1. Now using this ODBC Data source name (eg:-SQLConn used in above example), we will be able to connect to Axpert Manager or Axpert to SQL Server as shown below.



When using ODBC Driver for MS SQL, the varchar(max)/nvarchar(max) column values are not fetching  through sql queries, which is seems to be an issue in ODBC driver. To overcome this issue, the said type of columns needs to be CAST as text in sql query.

For example: suppose a table named “temptable” defined with following columns.

  1. Name varchar(50)
  2. Address varchar(max).

The query “Select name, address from temptable” will not work properly by using ODBC driver.

Instead, the query “Select name , cast(address as text) as address from temptable” will work properly in this context.

Dynamic Label captions for Input Field in Tstruct Forms

Included feature to display the label captions dynamically in Tstruct Forms based on application variables. The changes have been done in desktop version only and not in Axpert .Net.

How to Implement?

Need to define the field names / application variables with braces symbol in the label caption as shown in the screen shot below.



On run mode, the Axpert will be fetched the evaluated value from parser and it will be replaced into label captions and display.

Note: Expression is not allowed in the label caption. It won’t work for grid dc column captions.

On Run Mode:


Iview Subtotal Header & Footer caption font color change

Included feature to change the font color of header & footer caption in Iview Subtotal

How to Implement?

There is an option available in the Subtotal setting screen to set the font color as shown in the screen shot below.


Iview Header & Footer Alignment

 Included feature to align the iview header & footer which is also applicable for Iview <save as> type HTML, PDF and Excel

How to Implement?

There is an option available in the Iview Properties to do the alignment as shown in the screen shot below.


Memcache (Memory Cache) feature in Axpert Web

Memcache (Memory Cache) feature is introduced in Axpert Dot Net to store the data (Menu, Tstruct Xml, Iview Xml and Iview Parameter) for improving the performance of loading the website pages

What is Memcache?

Free & open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.

Memcached is an in-memory key-value store for small chunks of arbitrary data (strings, objects) from results of database calls, API calls, or page rendering.

How does it work?


How to configure a memcached exe in scheduler?

Below are the steps to configure 64-bit Memcached.exe

  1. To configure the memcached exe run the below command in the command prompt

schtasks /create /sc onstart /tn memcached /tr “‘c:\memcached\memcached.exe’ -m 512”

The value in the single quote is the path of the local system where the memcached.exe is located.

The command –m is used to assign the size in megabytes, in the below command 512 denotes the size allocated to the memcached server as 512MB.

The size allocated to the server should be modified based on the size of data being stored in the Memcached.


  1. Go to the task scheduler, the above command would have added a task for memcached. Right click on the task and run the same.


  1. On click of run the exe will start as shown below, minimise it and continue.


How to connect to memcached using a client from code?

The below named Dll’s are required to connect to the memcaced server. These Dll’s must be added in the BIN folder of the web code

  1. SharpZipLib
  2. log4net
  3. ClientLibrary.dll.refersh

Making Direct DB call to fetch data in Iview (Only in Axpert Web)

How to Implement?

Need to add a key in web.config file as given below.

If the value is set as “True” the iview will fetch the data directly from the database using a stored procedure instead of a web service call.

Note: Currently, this feature works only for Oracle and MS SQL projects.

For Oracle DB Projects, 11g oracle.dataaccess.dll will be the default. If the user is using 10g database, then oracle.dataaccess.dll needs to be replaced and the dll for replacement will be available in the path  ‘axpertweb/oracle-dataaccess/ ‘ folder.


  1. Date picker icon is added in Tstruct Grid for all the rows with column data type set as Date                                      enhance1
  2. Transaction attachment indicator is added in Tstruct to indicate that there is an attachment for the transaction


  1. Grid Attachment in Axpert Web will now work same as Axpert Desktop
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