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Release Notes – Axpert 9.5

Release Date : March 01, 2015

MySQL Database connectivity with Unicode compatibility

From this version, applications created with MYSQL database will have support for Unicode characters.

Change Management Console – Change rules across structures (Axpert Desktop)

Change management console is a new feature that has been introduced in Axpert Desktop 9.5.This feature allows developers to change rules across structures at run time.

This feature can be used to do an impact analysis before doing a change. Consider changing the expression in a field in a TStruct. This field may be used or referred in many other TStructs. Users can now run a query across TStructs that will list all the structures in which this field used. It may be used in an SQL, master field or in a genmap or MDMap. The impact analyzing capability greatly enhances the change management capability.

Change rules across structures

Consider a case where there is a field named rate across several forms. The user now needs to disable this field (read only = True) in all the forms where this field exists. Using the change management console all the forms where this field exists can be displayed. To update the property, click on the “Do update”. This option can be used to change any of the field properties like expressions, Mode of entry, SQL statements, hidden, read only etc. The field properties that have an impact on the physical database structure like data type, width, decimals cannot be changed using this option.

How to use the Change Management Console

The change management console option is available only at run time under the Utilities menu and only for those users with access permission.

On selecting the option from the Utilities Menu, the console opens and requires the user to specify the Search Criteria. Structures can be searched on the basis of MOE, SQL Text, Field names, Expressions etc. After entering the criteria, click on Display Details to view the list of structures.

Display Details

On clicking the Display Details button, the console generates a report that lists fields from the structures that satisfy the entered criteria. The report consists of structure name, caption, dc name, field name, field caption, MOE, expression, SQL text etc.


The fields in the report generated using Display Details option can be further filtered based on wide range of parameters. To filter the report values, click on View -> Filter in the Console window.


Use the Find option to search for a particular value in Console Report.

Cell Click/Double Click

Clicking any cell in the report will display the selected cell value with in a Pop up window. Double clicking on a cell under the SQL Text column will display the SQL Text corresponding to the selected cell.

Update rules across structures

To perform this update, the user should generate the Console Report and then choose one or more fields and click on Do Update button in the tool bar. This will bring up a Do Update dialog box. Here the selected property values can be changed and applied to selected fields.


  • Open Change Management Console.
  • Select MOE as Select from TStruct, select Is Read Only as Yes and Is Visible as Yes.
  • Click on Display Details. This will display a report which lists all the read only fields which has MOE – Select from TStruct and is not hidden.
  • In the report, click on Do Update
  • In the Change what list box, select the required option. For e.g. Caption.
  • Specify the search string and the replace string and click Do Update.

Dynamic DC Captions (Axpert and Axpert on Web)

The Dynamic DC caption feature allows you to change the caption of DC in TStructs at run time by passing inputfield name or application variables or user defined variables as parameters. If fieldname or variables are specified in the caption of DC, the value of fieldname/variables will be displayed as DC heading. The dynamic caption will be stored in xml as defined. If DC caption constitutes of curly braces ({) then it will be evaluated like an expression and the field names/variables within the curly braces will be replaced with the value at run time.

The format of dynamic caption is: {fieldname1} any text {fieldname2}

For eg : Performance report of employees from{fromdate} to {todate}

Loading data with several rows in grid DC (Axpert and Axpert on Web)

Some transactions that have many rows in a grid DC were taking a longer time to load. This was because there were fields in the grid dc that were dependent on the selection fields. These dependent fields were not saved(SaveValue = ‘false’). To fill these fields, the SQL related to the selection field has to be fired for every row. So, if there were 2 selection fields in a grid that have not saved dependents and there are 50 rows in the grid dc, while loading the transaction, 100 SQLs are fired. This brings down the performance drastically.

To overcome this problem a new function called fillonload has been introduced. This function will be called by solution developer on data load by defining an action in ‘After DBLoad’ event in TStruct, which is introduced as a new event task for this functionality.

FillonLoad function

Usage: FillonLoad(SQLtext)


This function has to be called in the event After DBLoad. The SQL result will contain one record for every row in a grid DC. The column names in the SQL will be the same as the field names to which the values have to be filled. This function will load from SQL to the corresponding fields in the grid DC.

Note: In case of fillgrid SQL, the id value of sourcekey field should be given as SourceFieldname__id (double underscore)


Consider a TStruct with two DCs – Dc1 and Dc2. Dc1 has the doc no. and doc date. Dc2 has the customer name, address,phone no fields. The values in this field are to be retrieved from other tables at run time. To accomplish this, an action with the following script can be written.

FillOnLoad({select add, phoneno from tbl1 a, tbl2 b where a.tbl1id = c.CUSTNAME and c.tbl2id =b.tbI2id })

Dynamic Decimals (Axpert and Axpert on Web)

From this version onwards, the Decimal property of Numeric fields can be changed dynamically based on certain specific conditions. For instance, the decimal value can be changed based on the currency of a country. To implement dynamic decimals, introduce a field named AxpCurrencyDec with character data type. This field value should be decimal, field1, field2,field3…etc. The given fields will be set to the given decimal.

The AxpCurrencyDec field should be a fill field based on the selection made in the currency field. So, the developer can introduce a table that will contain the TStruct wise fields for which the decimal needs to be set based on currency selection. The table may have fields such as structname, currency, DecimalString. The decimal string can contain the value as described above.


AxpCurrencyDec = 3, rate, amount means that the decimal property should be updated to 3 decimals for rate and amount fields.

Note: Maximum decimal place value should be specified in the TStruct property definition for all those fields that are defined to change the decimals dynamically in AxpCurrencyDec field value .

Support for MS SQL 2008 & 2012

A DB version drop down list has been introduced in the Connection Manager to enable selection of suitable version for MS SQL. If the selected database version does not match with the server version, then an exception will be raised. This feature is available in Axpert and all its supporting components.

Transaction wise command timeout for MS SQL

A feature that allows you to increase the time out period for a particular transaction has been introduced in 9.5.

For this purpose, an integer variable axp_sqltimeout has been introduced for SQL Server. This is a user defined variable and can be set over application level or structure level to handle SQL timeout. This feature is available in Axpert and all its supporting components.


SQL Timeout can be set across the application by defining user defined variable as AXP_SQLTIMEOUT . The default value of SQL- TIMEOUT is 30secs in DB.


Global value of AXP_SQLTIMEOUT will be overridden if it is defined in TStruct actions and in IView expressions. For example,

if Global SQL-TIMEOUT is 60secs but the same defined as 120secs in structure, then SQLs are allowed to run up to 120secs. The operation cannot break in 60secs.

Windows authentication to connect to MS SQL databases

From 9.5 onwards, Windows login credentials can be used for creating and removing an MS SQL application in Axpert Manager.

This option is available as a Windows Authentication Checkbox in the Connect to database panel of Create/Remove Application in Axpert Manager. The check box is enabled only when Database is selected as “MS SQL”.

If the Windows Authentication check box is unselected and “Host String” ,”DB username & password” are entered, on clicking the Connect button, Axpert Manager will login to the database using SQL Server Authentication. The Application Creation/Removal remains same.

If Windows Authentication check box is selected, then the DB Username, Password boxes are disabled and DB Username filled with Current windows logon user in the Connect to database panel.

Check List Data Separator (Axpert and Axpert on Web)

An option to specify the Check List separator character during checklist creation in the TStruct form design has been introduced. By default, Comma will be the data separator for check list field. This feature is useful in cases where comma is part of the data and hence another character needs to be used as the separator.

Multiple ADR & ADE (Axpert )

Multiple ADR & ADE is a new feature where you can run more than one ADR and ADE instance at a time for synchronization. In the earlier versions, only one ADR and ADE could be run simultaneously for synchronization .So, greater the data to be synchronized, longer it takes to process. For solving these issues multiple ADR and ADE has been introduced.

For running multiple ADR & ADE, you need to add “sitenos’’ Node in Axprops Xml.

Format :

<sitenos>(starting siteno) .. (ending site no)</sitenos>

Example :


On adding the node as shown above, ADR and ADE will synchronise the packets from site 5 to 15 .To run multiple ADR and ADE , you need to set sitenos in Axprops. Xml and the sitenos should be different from one to another.

If the value of sitenos node is empty / sitenos node is not available in axprops .xml , then ADR will run as Normal.

The site no for each application can be set through Tools->Properties->SiteNo.

Save IView report data to HTML format

A feature to save the report data in specified path in HTML format based on the schedule in the Windows scheduler has been introduced. The content for this will be taken from AXP_ReportJobs table and will be executed by AXE.

To use this feature, first create the AXP_ReportJobs table,



JOBID         NUMBER(15)                      NOT NULL,





STATUS        NUMBER (2),




The user needs to provide IView details (Jobid,jobdate,iviewname,iviewparams and filepath) in the AXP_ReportJobs table.

  • The format of IVIEWPARAMS would be


Eg. Fname(C)=ALL~fdate(D)=01/01/2015

  • For multiSelect option, the value of IVIEWPARAMS should be specified as given below,


  • FILEPATH – the filepath with filename should be supplied here.

Eg. C:\test\xyz.html

To generate the HTML report, the batch file command should be

 Axe <ProjectName> <userName> htmlreport


Axe corporate8909 admin htmlreport

Minor Features & Bug Fixes in Axpert

Minor Features

 Refresh fields only on focus. (Available in Axpert)

If the value selected from a combo box has many dependent fields then the application was taking more time to travel to the next field. Hence, a feature to refresh fields only on focus has been introduced.

Refreshing all dependent fields On Exit of a field can be controlled by defining a variable called Axp_RefreshOnFocus as true in user defined variables tab. By default the value of the variable is false. It can also be controlled based on a particular TStruct by defining the variable in the OnFormLoad event of the TStruct.

 Exporting data to XL with caption

To export data to Excel file with Caption a variable called Axp_XLExportWithCaption has been introduced. Set this variable to true/t for exporting report caption. Defining the variable globally as a user defined variable will affect all the reports.

To set this variable for an individual report add Expression as Axp_XLExportWithCaption:= {true} before adding the SQL in IView definition

 Dot Matrix Print Format  in Fast Report

From 9.5 onwards, the Fast Report component will support Dot-Matrix export. For this purpose, ‘DOS’ has been introduced as new output format in Fast Report definition. When DOS is selected as the output format, then the report is exported as text file and it will be printed through Dot-Matrix printer. This will enable better formatting for Dot matrix reports.

Option to add Transid as prefix for files getting generated through ADX

By default, AxpExchange table has a column called File Path where the path for storing files will be saved. For instance, the Filepath may be \\x.y.z\purchase for purchase TStruct and \\x.y.z\sales for sales TStruct.

The new feature is being provided for identifying the files getting generated in the ADX when all are placed in the same folder. To identify the files, the files should be prefixed with the name of a column in the Axpexchange table. The Prefix field is not mandatory; if prefix field is not specified the ADX will work as normal. If specified, the prefix field value will be read from the AxpExchange table and it will be added as a prefix value to the Filename while uploading the file to FTP.

For example:

The generated files can be identified by prefixing them with the transid. In this case, the filepath will be : transid~\\x.y.z\common . ‘Transid’ is the name of column in AxpExchange table. Common is the folder name.

A feature for autoselecting rows on using the find option in Fillgrid popup

For this, set the user defined variable Axp_AutoSelectOnSearch to ‘True’. In this case, the row which contains the searched value will be automatically selected. This variable can be defined in the application level by defining it in the ‘Variable’ screen or it can defined in the TStruct level by defining it within scripts in action.


Bug Fixes

  • There was a delay in loading structures when the Build button was clicked. This is fixed.
  • Some Special characters (? – z) were not showing properly when entered in Arabic Language.This is fixed.
  • While Opening the sub grid,’Access Violation Error’ was being thrown in the run mode. This is fixed.
  • After Version update, Axpert was throwing the error message in sub grid of TStruct page.  This is fixed.
  • When a new transaction was opened through a hyperlink in reports, access violation error was being thrown. This is fixed.
  • Users were getting the error message as “XDS Open Error Msg : ora-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000” .This is fixed.
  • Cursor was not focusing on pressing the TAB button to the very next field if the hidden property of the field is set to “False” in the on field exit event. This is fixed.
  • If a Memo Field has large text content in it, then that column in PDF was not displaying the content .This is fixed.
  • After upgrade to newer version, while entering a new entry, ‘List Out of Bound’ error was being thrown. This is fixed.
  • IView multi select parameter option was giving List Index Out of Bound(-1) error. This is fixed.
  • In IView params type if multi select option is changed, then the report was not working. This is now fixed.
  • SQL Post function was not working in cases of grid with sub grid. List Index Out of bounds(-1) Error was being thrown. This is fixed.
  • The Web version and Desktop version of Getcostrate function was showing different values after calculation.This is fixed.
  • With every row/tab movement, Picklist columns were taking time to load. This is fixed.
  • Pick list validation message was not showing with column value. It was displaying the message “Invalid selection “” in tempcontainerno row1″. This is fixed.
  • In the select component (combo box), on scrolling down the items by clicking DownArrow Key / UpArrowKey some of the items were not getting focus. This is fixed.
  • SHIFT + TAB key was not focusing the cursor. This is fixed.
  • In Workflow,when Delegated user clicks on approve button , the process of approval was not executing.This is fixed.
  • If Parameters were having [] symbol in data then results were not been shown in preview. This is fixed.
  • Date wise structures were not sorting and showing properly in Publish as well as Export screen in MS SQL DB.This is fixed.
  • In Pivot Report , after data is wrapped the other column values were repeating in the wrapped space. This is fixed.

ASB related issues:

  1.  Fields in the header frame was not showing the actual text stored. The text was displayed with extra return character. This is fixed.
  2. On clearing an image and saving it, the existing image in the database was not getting deleted. This is fixed
  3. When the list view is sorted based on Employee, few records were repeated in every page. This is fixed.
  4. View History should by default display the latest changes first. It was displaying the latest changes in the end and the old changes first. This is fixed.
  5. Workflow delegation was not working properly. This is now fixed.
  6. Multiple roles setting to one user not working properly for components access cont
  7. While retrieving image from the master to transaction, the GetSourceImage function was not working. This is fixed.
  8. On executing the FillGrid, the contents were not getting refreshed i.e. the old values were being displayed. This is fixed.

 AXE issues

  • Bulk E-mail action was not sending any attachment other than pdf. This is fixed.
  • Email task was giving access violation error. This is fixed.


  • License check has been introduced with this version.


  • New option to create connections to restored DB in MS SQL Servers.

Minor Features & Bug Fixes in Axpert on Web

Minor Features

Checklist enhancements

From 9.5 onwards, checklists will have an option to Select all and Show Selected. Enabling Select all will select all the items in the list. The Show Selected option can be used to filter and display only the selected items from the list.

UI Changes

The Settings Menu Bar with Signout, Change Password and Change Theme options in the Main page has been converted to a drop down menu under an icon.

The UI of Change Password screen has been enhanced.


A feature to convert Memo field (textbox) to rich text area with text formatting options has been introduced. To create a richtextbox, prefix the field name with rtf_ and set the data type as Text.

Limited access to Admin menu

From 9.5 onwards, apart from admin, only users with access to “User” and/or “Workflow” will get to view the admin Menu.

FillGrid Caption

From 9.5, captions of fillgrids will be displayed on screen at runtime.

IView Parameters

Drop down parameters in IView will now have an empty item as the first item in the list. In earlier versions, the first text item was always selected by default in the drop down.

Clear Image

From this version onwards, image fields will have an option to clear the uploaded image .This option is available in the form of a “ X “ button along with the image control.

Global View of grid attachments

Attachments to a grid in a particular TStruct can now be viewed from any TStruct in the application. To bypass the transaction, add the field axp_attachtransid to all the TStructs in which the attachments should be visible and give the same value to the field in all the TStructs.

Add multiple rows in a grid

To enable addition of multiple rows in a grid, add a field ax_rowlimit with some integer value. At run time, multiple rows can be added to the grid by entering a value (less than or equal to the value specified for ax_rowlimit) into the textbox near the Add button. The maximum number of rows that can be added at an instance will be equal to the integer value specified in the ax_rowlimit field.

Application Title

From this version, the application title in Axpert on Web will be picked from Axpert  properties. In the login page the user will see the title which is given in the web.config file in the key “projtitle”.Inside the application the title will be same as given in Axpert.

Bug Fixes

  • The first item in the multi check box list was aligned to the right whereas other items were left aligned. This has been fixed.
  • In some cases, the calendar component was being displayed partially . This is now fixed.
  • In IView with filters, when a filtered set of records were saved as document, the entire set of records in the IView were being saved instead of just the filtered set. This has now been fixed.
  • In Users page, the user search was not working on typing the user name and pressing Enter key. The search worked only on click of the search button. This is now fixed.
  • Multi select fill grids were being displayed with junk columns and junk data. This is now fixed.
  • The column width of IView and FillGrid in Axpert on Web were differing from the column width defined for the same in Axpert Desktop. This has been fixed.
  • Files which had filenames with special characters in them such as ‘#’, ‘’’ and ‘&’ were not getting attached. This is now fixed.
  • A read only checkbox was not getting disabled during runtime. This is now fixed.
  • Back and forth navigation was not working properly in case of drill down IViews with parameters. Additionally, when a TStruct is opened from an IView, the home button was being displayed. This is now fixed.
  • In IViews with multiple subheadings, on filtering or sorting, the subheadings were not being displayed. This is now fixed.
  • Memo field values were not getting modified in spite of altering and saving them. This is fixed.
  • In pagination, when Page Size in IView was set as 5 , data was not being displayed correctly. This is fixed.
  • If the action name has an underscore then the action was getting split with underscore. This is now fixed.
  • For memo fields the auto height increase feature has been removed.
  • The IView parameter value containing the character ‘#’was not working. This is now fixed.
  • In Workflow, for records with several comments, in view comments, pagination and sorting was not working properly. This is now fixed.
  • When a form control was defined to hide or show a grid field ,the alignment of grid header was not proper. This is now fixed.
  • Pagination issue in Xml pagination – hyperlink pop up was opening the same page as parent. This has been fixed.
  • Drilldown in hyper link pop up was not working. This is fixed.
  • Consider a sub grid with non grid field having dependents in the sub grid and the sub grid query has the non grid field and parent grid fields as parameters .When the parent grid rows were added or fields were modified, the subgrid data was not being loaded. This is now fixed.
  • On changing the theme color by clicking on the change theme option and then clicking on the back button, the color of the sub frame and the main page should be same. This was not happening. This is fixed.
  • The TStruct page was throwing “Invalid data from server” in IE version 8. This is fixed.
  • If there were two IViews – a parent IView and a child IView, the IView subheading was repeated twice on refreshing the parent IView. This is fixed.
  • On creating an IView with sub heading and defining it in a hyperlink column, the subheading were also getting hyperlinks. This is fixed.
  • In TStructs with tabbed DCs, the font sizes of the tab headings were smaller compared to the fields. This is fixed.
  • Open a TStruct having a RichTextBox in IE browser. Put cursor on RichTextBox and press enter, it should add a single line, but it was adding an extra new line. This is fixed.
  • When content was copied and pasted from other sources (documents,web pages) to a RichTextBox, the copied text was getting pasted outside the container. This is fixed.
  • In earlier versions, the application title was taken from web.config, hence irrespective of the project connected to, it used to show the same application title. Now application title comes from web service. Only if the web service does not return a name, the value will be taken from web.config.
  • Open a TStruct containing Rich Text Box. Change the Font Family/Font Format/ Font Size . The selected item in the box should get set to the choice made. This was not happening. This is fixed.
  • Consider a checklist. On selecting an empty value in the checklist, the selection should get cleared when a formcontrol setvalue action is triggered. This was not happening. This is fixed.

Known issues

  • Axpert-64 Bit Build Mode cannot be used for application development.
  • Axpert web installation is supported only on web server using port 80, for servers using other ports the Axpert application may have to be set up manually.
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