IIS Configuration for Axpert on Web

Instructions to configure IIS for Axpert on Web.…

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Posted on:November 2, 2015

Axpert on Web-Do’s & Don’ts

Some important guidelines for working with Axpert on Web.…

Posted on:February 9, 2015

Axpert on Web

Refer to this document to learn about the technology behind Axpert on Web and the various components in it.…

Posted on:February 9, 2015

Customizations in Axpert on Web

This document discusses about the customization options in the Axpert on Web.This will be useful
in extending your Axpert applications in terms of user interface and functionality. The examples in the document refer to a sample application whose code snippet …

Posted on:January 27, 2015

Customizing page footer in Fast Report

This document provides the steps  to limit the printing of Page Footer to last page  in Fast Report.…

Posted on:November 4, 2014