Upgrade tasks

Post upgrade tasks

To upgrade your application, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Double click npmInstall.bat file from AXPERT_HOME/AxpertWeb/node folder to download the necessary node packages from internet.

In the above syntax,

AXPERT_HOME is the location where your Axpert files are installed in your local drive.

2. Open the AXPERT_HOME/AxpertWeb/web.config file using a text editor( for exam­ple, notepad) and check whether the nodeAPI URL is pointing to the node server.

3. Navigate to the AxpertWeb/node/config/dbConfig.js file and perform the follow­ing:

    a)For Oracle database, tnsnamenode key must be the tnsNode(Service Name) entry referring to the Oracle database. For example,


    b)For MySQL / MariaDB database, host key must have the database IP. For example,

Save the changes and close the text editor.

4. If you are using MariaDB/MySQL database, open the command prompt and change your working directory to MYSQL_INSTALLED_PATH\bin,

Where MYSQL_INSTALLED_PATH is the location where your MySQL is installed in your system.

and type mysql -u SCHEMA_USERNAME -p DATABASE_NAME < “AXPERT_WEB_FOLDER\migra­tion\MigrateMysqlProcedure.sql” in the command prompt and press Enter. 

The system will now prompt the user to enter the schema password.

5. Run nodeAppstart.bat batch file from AXPERT_HOME/AxpertWeb/node folder to start the server.