Enhancement for axp_print Functionality

Enhancement for axp_print Functionality

The axp_print functionality in AXE works referencing a single table, axprinting and executes jobs sequentially. To improve efficiency, a new optional parameter “threadno” introduced to divide this functionality and configure to run multiple schedulers.

In order to implement this, add a column named “threadno” to the table and use “threadno” to the action name with a separator ~, when executing the Axe application using the following format:

Axe applicationname username axp_print~threadno

For instance:

Axe devdemo admin axp_print~1

In this example, Axe will process pending records for “threadno” 1. When “threadno” is set to 0 or not specified, Axe will process all pending records.

Below is an example script for Oracle, which can be adjusted as needed based on the specific database in use.

ALTER TABLE axprinting ADD threadno NUMERIC(2, 0);

This change is applicable to AXE version 10.9 and is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You can download the binaries from the following links: