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User Login

User management functionality is used to create user, provide user login and password and to give authorizations to the users. The user’s authorizations are dependent on their User Role in a company. The admin of the application can create users, so that User will be able to do their job they need to be granted access to privileges. This task can be accomplished by associating each user with a preexisting Role/s(User Role) and permissions.

How to Create User

  1. Search for User Logins in menu or global search.
  2. Click on New button.
  3. Enter Userid(it is mandatory).
  4. Enter Nick Name.
  5. Enter the Password(default password is 12345).
  6. Enter all the other details.
  7. select Role refer User Role.
  8. Enter Start Date and End Date.
  9. Click on Save button.

Permissions for Users

Axpert provides different types of permissions which an administrator can control, Here admin of the application have access to grant different permissions to the users.

1. Build Mode: It provides a user to access the developer mode of the application. if build mode is enabled, user can create new forms and reports as well as modify the same.

NOTE: If user is not having build mode access or default role, then user will not get access for these settings:

  • In-Memory DB
  • Developer Options
  • DashBoard
  • Global Settings
  • Audit Report
  • Responsibilities

2. Active: It is used to active/inactive the existing or new user.

3. Debug: This option is available for developers who want to generate the log files.

4. Users, workflow, Send/Receive, Import Structures, Export Structures, Axpertmanager, App Manager Tools these permissions are for desktop applications.