Agile Developer release01


The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 If the keypad is open and the user is trying to open the menu then the page is getting disabled.
2 Drop-down icons are not responsive in Mobile using Custom UI.
3 If breadcrumb is enabled and the user saving any transaction, Breadcrumb is showing on the menu button. If a user clicks on the save button, then breadcrumbs are showing multiple times on the screen.
4 In the Hybrid app, while printing invoices with items, it is showing a blank error.
5 If any grid fields are dependent on a non-grid field, then while changing the value in non-grid DC, the user is unable to enter the values in some grid fields.
6 In setting, by default “Modern UI” is enabled. But it is showing Compressed UI.
7 If the user opens Tsruct/Iview, split options are not showing in the settings. It is just showing ‘split’ text.
8 The split option is not showing in settings if we directly open any Tstruct.
9 After creating a new user, if the user tries to log-in, it asks to change the password, but once changed, it is throwing the error message “ModernUI off”.
10 When we are saving a transaction with ‘ (single quote) and get those values in the multi-select checklist in another transaction, then it is replacing with – aspos.
11 In the Tstruct list view and Smart view, If the user clicks on Data, utility, and options icon then the popup window width is too long, it should be a small popup window.
12 User Manual feature -> Arabic: On user manual popup -> file name should start/display from right side.
13 Smart view – data icon once we hover mouse on Arabic.1. For the data icon on the mouse, the hover tooltip should display in English. 2. Options which are present under ‘Data’ action for all of them tooltip is showing wrong.
14 Views tabs should display from the right side.
15 After clicking on the options icon, the popup is showing on the left side of the screen, it should be on the right side.
16 Iview – modern icons, search, params, view changes – Modern btn icons to be configurable, Search UI to be fixed, params and pagination division to have a background color, views save to be fixed if parameters values are very large.
17 Agile Biz – Exchange Rates History – in the Agile Biz dev app, the “Exchange Rates History” Iview is not showing the data based on the parameters. In 10.8 it is showing the data properly.
18 Profit and Loss module under accounts – in Agile Biz app, “Profit and Loss Statement by Period”, Profit and Loss – Prev. Year Comparison, “Profit and Loss – YTD Comparison” reports are not showing data. In 10.8 all the reports are opening and showing the data properly.
19 Home page -Print, pdf actions On home page widgets, floating action buttons not working.
20 In one view if two filters are created then while navigating between the existing views the same filter is applying on other views, which are not having any filters.
21 In Iview, if the parameters are having any special characters, (say $) then it is not showing in print records. Only Print heading & params data were displayed in print format.
22 In the Agile Biz dev app, the ‘opening qty’ and ‘closing qty’ columns are not showing the values in the “stock Ledger” report. But in 10.8 it was showing.
23 Cross-site scripting issues as per 10.8 Security audit. The script is possibly vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks on the sign-in page for error messages.
24 After loading the record from the list view, if the user is removing the record it is throwing an error as “Disconnected because you have logged into another session.”
25 Developer option general (in the main page) key, case sensitive avoided while comparing the key or condition checking with lower case.
26 POPUP Grid-> Once we load a record from edit mode and upload a new file, the newly uploaded file name is not showing on the popup.
27 POPUP Grid -> AxpFile upload1.From list view if a user loads record in edit mode, then on opened popup if the user clicks on num+ hyperlink, it is showing the error “HTTP Error 404.0 – Not Found”. 2. Once we open the record in edit mode then in the other grid row, the ‘num+’ count is increasing automatically.
28 To get rowcount in hybrid mobile, in the grid, if the user is taking the count of rows using the expression getrowcount(), it is calculating one less count.
29 If any Tstruct is set as popup -> then in DC3 ‘Add row’ header is showing two times and it is overlapping on grid rows.
30 Clear in-memory DB – After clearing Redis, if the user clicks on the New button in Tsruct, it is showing the error “Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined”
31 In the page load option which was defined in the earlier version, changed the option and given as “Open Tstruct”. “Open Iview”.
32 Split – > Redis issue. Once in-memory DB is cleared then in settings ‘Split’ panel/options are showing, because of this, the user is able to use split functionality for the home page also.
33 If a user sets axp_path as hidden then while attaching file it is showing the error “File server path is empty/invalid.]”
34 While attaching a file, if the user clicks on attach button and after which if the user is clicking on the ‘Close’ button then the second time attach button is not clickable.
35 In a dropdown field, the cross button to remove a record is not working in the normal way. When the focus is placed on the field and the dropdown has opened, the value can be deleted using the cross button.
36 In the Product Master, if the user creates a Product Subcategory by click on Add button, after saving the product subcategory, the Product master page is refreshing, and previously selected data is getting removed.
37 When giving date field for any screen and if the number of rows in the calendar are more than 5, the last date is coming at the end. Also, not able to click on the scroll bar. For Ex- August 2020. All dates should be coming in one calendar window.
38 For Upload Button, there is no caption – provide a caption (Upload data) (example: Attendance screen – Payroll Input).
39 1. The action was Defined for copy transactions. 2. Load any record from a listview and click on the copy button the copied record will show as a new record, save the transaction.3. Now click on the new button and observe that button was in freeze mode.
40 Refresh menu is not refreshing the menu under utilities.
41 Show Auto-generated Field Value is not required in the global setting as this functionality is removed.
42 UI change for AgileBiz main page.
43 Layout selection to be introduced in web Tstruct design.
44 Params not passing with hyperlink action.
45 Tstruct listview -> caption name as transid In list view -> On the header, it is showing Tstruct transid. It should show Tstruct caption name.

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