Agile Developer release17


This Release Contains below mentioned Enhancements and Fixes

  1. Payment request screen error is coming.
  2. For Postgres DB, widgets are not showing decimal values in charts, eg: if the value is 1234.543, then in the chart it is showing 1234 only.
  3. When Login to Arabic the sequence of the Dotted hints must be from right to left according to the chart value.
  4. Hints of the Bar charts are not showing properly in IE and chrome. Needs to be modified both in Chrome and IE.
  5. Need Longitude and latitude information to be captured in Mobile Hybrid
  6. We are not able to select IN Time/OUT Time in Axpert Hybrid Application. In Desktop and web, it’s working fine.
  7. We are not able to scroll down the fields in Reimbursement Tstruct.
  8. On clicking on Attendance Widget and pressing the back button of the Mobile Phone, showing an error as “Session Authentication Failed”. This is a random error but most of the time it will come.
  9. After adding an icon for the Button in Axpert Desktop, the button is displayed with an icon on the desktop. The icon for the button is not displaying in Web.
  10. In workflow approval, on select approve then the popup appears with read-only. Unable to save. This is working on the web but not working in hybrid mobile.
    # On login, dashboard widget icons are stretching so they are not looking good. This is appearing on web as well as in hybrid app.
  11. On clicking on the PDF/EXCEL button on the ‘Customer Price List’ from List_View the “Request Timed Out” error is coming. We have more than 10000 records.
  12. Widgets are not displaying in the pages(Page’s are created by using Page Builder).

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