Agile Developer release19

The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 Single window login concept incorporated in our Axpert system.Note:

  • Below web.config key should enable and give LDAP domain name in value<add key=”ssowindowsdomain” value=””/>
    • E.g: <add key=”ssowindowsdomain” value=””/>
  • Below web.config already exists and this also should enable and give value in windows..
    • <add key=”ssologin” value=”windows”/>
  • LDAP authentication will work only within network or intranet or connect VPN and user windows login.
  • User should login as domain user in system.
  • All or Required LDAP Users should be created in Axpert logins as well.
2 In CTC Offer screen when we are adding the fieldname * number ex CTC*0.10, then it is not calculating the values in other field with EVAL function web. In desktop it is calculating.
3 Agile Health – Recently migrated from 10.7 to 10.8 on production and facing issues when user tries to login with multiple browser tabs or windows. When logged in with the same user login in a different browser window without logging out the previous window, it behaves as follows:
1. The new instance starts giving error when accessing any tstruct or iview.
2. We do not get any alert on login, saying the user is already logged in.
3. The landing structure is also not reflecting properly as per advance settings for the second instance.
4 Column alignment issue while zooming out the screen below 75%.
5 Parameter has to be selected twice else report will not filter based on parameter.
6 When we Click ‘Attachment’ and Choose the file and attach it again for the second attachment, to add a new row from the drop down, the drop down is showing on the other side.

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