Agile Developer release21

The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 IView Attachments and Domain Name Authentication enhancements.

  • Configuration:
    1. Download the file/attachments in IViews when the mapped path is provided. To achieve this, the configurations specified below needs to be applied.
    2. Concerned IViews should have the following columns by default:
      • transid: transid of the TStruct
      • fieldname: field name in TStruct(to be kept empty for header attachment)
      • recordid: transaction record id.
      • axp_attach(can be any one of following):
        a.Text to be shown on download hyperlink (this column is a flag to enable/disable attachment component)
        b.Grid attachment name (value of grid attachment)
        c.Full mapped path if transid, fieldname, recordid is not provided
        d.ResolvePathForTemplates : “resolve attachment path” property is used for IView templates in case of resolving image path to show image in IView templates.”resolve attachment path” Advanced Setting configuration property, with property code “resolve attachment path” to be added as true or false.


  • axp_mapusername – Username for the domain
  • axp_mappwd – Password for the domain
  • axp_domain – Domain Name
2 IView Download Attachments (axp_attach) error messages polished.
3 After Update from 9x to 10.9 version, IViews with old structures are not loaded.
4 IView – Column width keeps increasing with every click of a Search button.