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  1. Save As button in Tstruct.
  2. To replicate an existing Tstruct, which will have the same structure as that of the parent, we can use the Save as a button. Read more

  3. Iview Layouts – Table, Card, Tile, Custom layouts introduced
  4. Read more

  5. Cards -KPI, List, Image, Calender
  6. Widgets are defined as Axpert Cards. The widgets will be displayed on the main page after the user logs in. Each card is assigned to one or more roles. The type of widget displayed depends on the card type. Read more

  7. Select from API option in select field
  8. Select from API is used to fetch external API data. Read more

  9. Formcontrol options in Script
  10. To hide, unhide, enable and disable control use these options in the script. Read more

  11. Axpert Jobs
  12. Schedule jobs on button click or based on events. Read more

  13. List view designer for smartviews
  14. Introducing design options to enhance user experience using smart views. Read more

  15. Axpert configuration on Web
  16. Activation of a license, establishing database connection, DB password change. Read more

  17. Capture signature in Axpert
  18. To create a signature field in non-grid, prefix the field with “sig_” and datatype should be “Image”. Read more

  19. Download files from Iviews
  20. Download data stored in database using Iviews

  21. SSO Integration through Azure AD
  22. SSO SAML Authentication incorporated in Axpert Read more

  23. Generate PDF files and send them to third-party applications.
  24. A new feature is introduced in Axpert API to generate PDF files and send them to third-party applications.
    1. Create scripts in tstruct
    2. Get URL and Request json by choosing Execute Script in Get Axpert API screen.
    3. Create API in API Definitions by choosing Category as Execute Script and add URL & Requesting string from Step#2
    4. Created API( Step#3) name should be chosen/assign to button in tstruct toolbar buttons.

  25. Current Row disable and Delete button Enable
  26. In the Sales Order (dcord) screen, we implemented axpvalidrow with ‘C’ for a specific category of items to ensure the user cannot edit the qty for type high-value items and scan the barcode for each item. However, the User should be allowed to remove the item in the grid if the customer does not want to bill the item which is already scanned. axpvalid with ‘C’ is not allowing to delete the row.
    Note: axpvalid expression can set {D} as fourth potion in A,B and C functionality.
    A — Current row enable.
    B — Delete button disable
    C — Current Row disable
    D — Current Row disable and Delete button Enable

  27. Multi select popup fillgrid data shows all on fillgrid load
  28. Developer option:
    Property: Popup fill grid data show all
    property Code: Popup fill grid data show all
    Property Value: true/false
    Form/Report: All Forms/Single Form

  29. Multi select popup fill grid data should show query returning order.
  30. Developer option:
    Property: Popup fill grid data based on query order
    property Code: Popup fill grid data based on query order
    Property Value: true/false
    Form/Report: All Forms/ Single Form

  31. Create New form in run(v1).
  32. Note:

    • To Add a new form in Runtime enable the “Add Form” toolbar button in required tstructs.
    • Edit and Delete functionality will be included.
    • The latest Axpert Developer release ( should be applied to use this feature



    1. Form design enhanced with new DC layouts and properties
      • Tstruct Application Properties
      • To modify or set Tstruct application properties click on the settings button available at the top left of the window.

      • Default, Single, double, and triple column layouts which allow drag-drop and resize of fields.
      • Adding label and hyperlink in Tstruct

      Read more

    2. Search option in Arrange menu
    3. Including an option in arrange menu to optimize search. Read more

    4. Enhanced Keep me sign-in functionality-
    5. This change will show a list of users logged from the browser with keep me sign in, and then the user needs to choose either to log in with another user or an existing user. If the user logs in and chooses the keep me signed in option then, next time the user can automatically log in.

    6. Increased timeout limit
    7. Increased the API Request timeout limit 30 sec to endless. The API request should end once the request is completed or once the response is received at the other end.

    8. Define a calculate field using Regvar function in grid DC.
    9. Regvar variables refresh dynamically based on Eval field.
      The Regvar field should be prefixed with rvar_ with the Eval field name after the Eval field.
      Example: rvar_calcamount –> calcamount is the Eval expression field.

    10. Save and print in mobile app
    11. In Axpert 11 mobile application, assigning save and print action in submit button. Release01