Agile Developer release25

The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

  • Iview – Column width configuration 
    • Configuration: Iview Column Width is default as per defined in Axpert Developer/Desktop   width, this can be changed to set automatic column width by using Developer Option key “Iview Responsive Column Width” with Property Code as “Iview Responsive Column Width” with value as “false(default)” / “true” 
  • Excel export from web- unable to export formatted fonts. 
  • Multi select field getting some alignment issue in grid row. 
  • Excel export from web- In Iviews, while exporting number columns to excel it is converted to text instead of number. 
  • In Transactions grid, we want columns caption to be freezed when we scroll down. 
    • Note: Please add the developer option key “Fixed Header for Grid” to enable this feature. 
      • Configuration: 
        • Freezing Grid Headers can be enabled by using Developer Option “Fixed Header for Grid” with Property Code as “Fixed Header for Grid” and Values as “true”/”false”(default). 
  • File name exists while saving in folder. In Grid dc, while uploading the file it displays the name, but while loading the record unable to preview the attachment.