Agile Developer release01

This Release Contains below mentioned Features, Enhancements and Fixes


  1. Node Connection with https: You can configure node for https.

For more details refer | Node for https

Bug Fixes

  1. When any workflow notification(Mail Notification) is going to any user then it should validate the user.
  2. In grid dc, “ADD”, “Clear Data” and fillgrid option should be on mouse hover.
  3. In Wizard DC, UI of grid DC buttons are not good.
  4. If any form is open in pop-up then on save of it, it should refresh the main form.
  5. In workflow, on comments popup after clicking on save button, success message is not displaying.
  6. If any transaction is already approved then again second time it should not allow to approve the same transaction.
  7. In IE browser– in advance setting if “Load reports/lists along with form” is TRUE, then while loading the iview, it is throwing “Access violation error”.
  8. Source image are not saving on target transaction.
  9. While downloading data into PDF, data is showing from 2nd row.
  10. if any form is having image field and user loads the record from listview, then while navigating using navigation buttons everytime it is asking to save the transaction.
  11. LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE values should allow to save into DB.

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