Agile Developer



  1. Option to configure default listview on click of a form
  2. Configuration: “Listview as default from search”
    Key: “Listview as Default”
    Property Code: “General”
    Value: true/false(default)
    Description: Use this key to directly load Listview as Default for the saved form
    For ensuring the following feature works, please resave the form from developer mode
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  3. Easy signin template based on projects
  4. Configuration:

    • Create HTML page in CustomPages directory with name as {{connectionName/projectName}}.html
    • Example 1 : projectName.html

    • In web.config enable “landingPageHTML” configuration by setting value as “true”
    • The custom html should be wrapped around in following code:
    • <template class=”templateAgContent”> … </template>

    • HTML Should compulsorily have “axCustomLoginControl” class to custom linked controls along with “data-id” attribute with value as REAL FIELD id as below
    • List of Important Controls:

      • Username Control: axUserName
      • Passwsord Control: axPassword
      • Remember Me Control: signedin
      • Submit Button: btnSubmit
      • Forgot Password Link: lblForgot


      • <input class=”axCustomLoginControl” data-id=”axUserName” type=”text” name=”Username” />
      • <input class=”axCustomLoginControl” data-id=”axPassword” type=”password” name=”Password” />
      • <input class=”axCustomLoginControl” data-id=”signedin” type=”checkbox” />
      • <button class=”axCustomLoginControl” data-id=”btnSubmit” href=”#”>LOG IN</button />
      • <a class=”axCustomLoginControl” data-id=”lblForgot” href=”#”>Lost your Password?</a>
    • To open the SignIn page for the required project open the website with first URL parameter as {{connectionName/projectName}}
    • Example:
      Note: Custom Html in Signin page will not have Background Image and Project Logo set in Configuration Page, this has to be handled in this custom signIn page templete itself.

  5. Add/Remove fields in the existing form on the run site
  6. Steps to Enable this feature:
    ‘Add New Field’ button by defining a script. Create a User Defined button that can add a button on the Toolbar screen( Axpert developer studio). Click of Add New Field toolbar button on the Run site. Will open the ‘Add New Field’ page in Axpert Configuration studio, here one can add/remove the field.
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  7. On form control, events supported in the scripts
  8. Below functions are added in Form Control scripts as well:

    • LoadForm(Transid,Params,DisplayMode,RefreshOnClose:String)
    • LoadFormAndData(Transid,Params,DisplayMode,RefreshOnClose:String)
    • LoadPage(PageName,Params,DisplayMode,RefreshOnClose:String)
    • LoadIView(IViewName,Params,DisplayMode,IsPopupRefreshParent:String)
    • OpenPage(PageName,Params,DisplayMode,RefreshOnClose:String)


    • LoadForm({scrip},{},{d},{T})
    • LoadFormandData({scrip},{emp=:ename},{p},{})
    • LoadIView({empmstls},{},{p},{T})
    • LoadIView({iviscrip},{Employee=:emp},{p},{t})
    • LoadPage({PageTscstm2}, {}, {p}, {T})
    • OpenPage({PageTsnewc}, {}, {p}, {})
  9. Introducing Search button
  10. In Form, we use Search Button Functionality where we require a Configuration for a drop-down field. We can set an order or Index, and search result set field configuration is also required. As a result after the search, the fields that are chosen are displayed.

  11. Mobile Hybrid App: Validate User against the Device
  12. For one of Agile’s project, we need to validate the user during login. i.e. User should be able to log in from an authorized handheld device only. So we need an option where we can store the mobile’s IMEI number or a unique number in the AxUsers table and validate the same while login in.
    User login tstruct definition (axusers table) is required.
    Please add a field in users login tstruct (i.e., axusers table) as below.
    Field Name: isuniquehybrid
    Field Caption : Allow hybrid login from a unique device
    Datatype: character
    Data width : 1
    Default value : {F}
    Component: checkbox

  13. Check Box component to be displayed in the List View
  14. AxRules Engine (Version:1) has been introduced with below rules- Feature in progress
    Form control
    Allow Empty

  15. PDF template with Rich text and multiple variable bindings
  16. Functionality: The Rich text and Memo fields defined in TStructs can be directly used in PDF templates in Fast reports by setting appropriate field names to Rich / Memo component names in pdf templates.
    Once the Rich/Memo component names are set as filed names, those component values will be replaced by field values during PDF file creation. Additionally, any fields in the tstruct or any global variables can be used as variables in Rich/Memo field content as {fieldname} or {globalvar}. Those variables also will be replaced by field or global variable
    values during PDF file creation.
    For Example:

    Transid : empofr

    Caption : Employee Offer

    field name1 : comname , Caption : Company Name

    field name2 : empname , Caption : Emplyee Name

    field name3 : panno , Caption : PAN Number

    field name4 : offno, Caption : Offer No

    field name5 : offdate , Caption : Offer Date

    field name6 : offletter, Caption : Offer Letter [Suppose this field has defined the type as Rich Text]

    During Run time , the data entered as follows in this form:

    comname : ABC Company

    empname : Employee1

    panno : AAAAAAAA

    offno : 1111111

    offdate : 22/07/2022

    offletter (fields value as follows):


    Company : {compname}

    Offer No : {offno}

    Offer Date : {offdate}

    Dear {empname},

    Welcome to XYZ! Thank you for getting connected with us.XYZ is the largest staffing company in India with nearly 3 Lakh associates. We have operations all across the country, and we partner with more than 1000 companies to provide employment. Besides India, we operate in 10 countries



    Now Create a PDF template in Fastreport which contains a Rich or Memo component. And set its Name as “offletter”.During PDF file will be created during run time for the above record would be as follows:


    Company : ABC Company

    Offer No : 1111111

    Offer Date : 22/07/2022

    Dear Employee1,

    Welcome to XYZ! Thank you for getting connected with us.XYZ is the largest staffing company in India with nearly 3 Lakh associates. We have operations all across the country, and we partner with more than 1000 companies to provide employment. Besides India, we operate in 10 countries worldwide.


    1. Rich text component font setting not available during run time in Fastreport as of now.

    2. Memo components font setting can be done for full text, but not available by line or word-wise during run time.

  17. We have defined the SetFieldCaption(Name, Caption) Script in Axpert 11
  18. Note: SetFieldCaption script function has been introduced in AxpertWeb for Form control events.
    Syntax: SetFieldCaption(Name, Caption)
    Ex.: SetFieldCaption({fieldname},{field caption})

  19. Configurable option to list created on, created by, modified on, modified by as part of listview columns
  20. Google map wants to be zoomed in when located.
  21. Configuration: “Google Maps Zoom”
    Key: “Google Maps Zoom”
    Property Code: “Google Maps Zoom”
    Value: 1 – 22:
    1: World
    5: Landmass/continent
    10: City
    11: Default
    15: Streets
    20: Buildings
    Description: Use this key to set the zoom level in google maps for particular / all tstruct
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  22. UI SCSS Custom Hook file along with Bootstrap 5 SCSS compiler
  23. Additional SCSS imports to be referred in following empty “_custom.scss” partial file available in “\UI\compiler\src\sass” directory
    Example Imports:
    @import “examplestyles”;
    Any Variables / Methods / Mixins available in bootstrap 5 can be used here
    Compilation can be triggered by pressing the “F5” key in Visual Studio Code Editor, make sure “npm install” is completed first

  24. Call a SQL function from table field
  25. A new feature is introduced to enable calling a sql function from table field type. SQL function can be called in the Table type field with dynamic JSON, based on the parameters as well.
    Note: In define table instated of static JSON, call a function as ‘db@functionname’
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  26. Allow Timezone variation option in Application Settings
  27. A new option is introduced in the application settings to allow variation in time based on the time zones.
    To enable this feature

    • Goto Administrator console –> Settings.
    • In the Application Tab, Enable Allow timezone variation.
    • Click on Save, logout and login to the application

    Read More

  28. Configuration Studio Page for Runtime
  29. Features:
    Custom Forms
    Custom Fields
    Process Definition
    Configuration Parameters(Feature to be introduced soon)
    Configuration studio will be only available to users with Build Permission

  30. AxRulesDef engine has been introduced for field with below rule types
    • Validate
    • Compute script
    • Filter
    • Allow empty
    • Show/hide
  31. Time format selection
  32. Note: The default time field format is 12 hours. If required as 24 hours format, Need to select Pattern as ’24H Format’ while creating/modifying the time field in Axpert Developer.



  1. On click of getweight button, fetch the value from the weighing device
  2. Use axp_weight_ keyword as a field name. This will help you fetch the values from the weighing machine on the click of a button.
    Native Application:

    Hybrid Application:

  3. The attachments are stored in parent folder instead of the specific location
  4. The specific location path is working in case if are mentioning it in the expression and not storing it as per the path in case it is mentioned as SQL.

  5. Axpert Web Bootstrap 5 Upgradation : Form Rich Text Box changes.
  6. AxRule Engine enchantments based on rule types/events
  7. .
    Compute script in grid dc2. Validate 2nd time save allowing issue.

  8. Application variable and parameters definition page enhanced to accept constant, variables, parameters and DB variables (through DB function)separately.
  9. In relation to this change AxMemVar function withdrawn and formload variables can be defined in this new definition page in addition to application variables.

  10. AxRule Engine enchancements based on rule types/events.

Bug Fixes

  1. Check Box component to be displayed in the List View.
  2. Axpert Hybrid – Open any Form and Observe that Submit button is not displayed.
  3. Submit, New, and Discard buttons in the tstructs are not displayed in Mobile Application.
  4. Tstruct Image – Logo – To Display in full size
  5. In the mobile application, the Mobile app is not responsive depending on the mobile screen.
  6. Load reports/lists along with form are not operating in the Axpert 11.2 version
  7. Change Password – After login on the application, when the Change password is clicked its displays the login page instead of the change password page.
  8. I and A – on click of getting weight button, its shows the previous value.
  9. After saving event is not working in the online form scripts.(DLL Fix)
  10. Issue Description: With the constructed Save() Script in DEV SITE, the user is unable to save the transaction in RUNTIME(DLL Fix)
  11. Save action is not working in the online form scripts.(DLL Fix)
  12. Param is not considered in both tstruct field and the temporary or global variable in the script, LoadForm param is not considered in both tstruct field and the temporary or global variable in the scripts.(DLL Fix)
  13. Axpert 11 – Runtime properties for tstruct and field(DLL Fix)
  14. Need to execute procedure using firesql in postgresDB.(DLL Fix)
  15. Post action with all selected rows event is not working on the web properly. It works fine in Axpert but in web, it only posts the first record and terminates other records.(DLL Fix)

  1. Date – Option is required to manually enter date in date field
  2. Form’s disabled checkbox ui changes.
  3. Form’s radio group with vertical and horizontal ui changes.
  4. In Iviews data not loading- Pl refer employee listing/User Login
  5. In Login Screen,on pressing TAB after username, the focus is going to forget password button , it should focus on the password field

  1. We are unable to attach the document in second and subsequent DC’s if the DC type is non-grid dc. The attachment is working only for 1st nongrid DC
  2. The attachments are getting stored in parent folder instead of a specific location. The specific location path is working in case if are mentioning it in the expression and not storing as per the path in case it is mentined as SQL.
  3. Axpert Web Bootstrap 5 Upgradation: Form Rich Text Box changes.
  4. Error while choosing the Select From and Data Source Field(Fix is from Structure level)
  5. Loading Error from List View – CDS_xds: Field ‘remarks’ not found(High Priority) [Action DLL]
  6. Fixed header for grid property is not working
  7. The error message in the form is not disappearing automatically. In case of validation, the error message is appearing the number of times of click. The success message is disappearing automatically and the error message remains even after going to the new form.
  8. Invalid Data from Server Error – while loading the data.
  9. Whenever we are trying to load the data from Iview/report, we are getting an error message as ‘Invalid Data From Server’ even though the data is loaded. However, data is not refreshed if we change the parameters from the iview and load the data again.

  10. The image is not loading on the form load event though the other data is getting loaded. In the same tstruct if we use the search button and load the data, the image is getting displayed.
  11. Whenever we are attaching the file in the specific path, the attachments are getting stored in the main location itself instead of creating a folder

  1. On data load, fields with drop-down show the field value with scroll.
  2. The form alignment changes when we load the data or when we try to add a new record by clicking on +. All the fields in the form are enabled with the scroll bar.
  3. When we go to the Search option in the form and click on ‘View Columns’ it is showing the field names instead of field captions. Save
  4. The design mode is visible only to the admin users in the run site but should be visible role-based for using “Add Field” features.
  5. ○ Note: Run time design mode toolbar button is enabled for those who all have Build access and admin as well.

  6. On loading the data, the corresponding fill fields are not filling automatically. On reselecting the field value the data is getting filled
  7. Change the value in the text field and directly click on the select2(dropdown) field using the mouse, changed field value is not saved.
  8. In the web wherever there are accept fields with expression, it doesn’t auto refresh on the change of source field as it does in the older web version (9.7 Web). For example, In the credit Invoice screen, we have a checkbox that by default is T but if the company changes it should change to F . This is working fine 9.7 web version. (Fix is from 10.9)
  9. In 10.9 web, wherever there are accepted fields with expression it doesn’t auto refresh on change of source field as it does in older web versions (9.7 Web). For example, In the credit Invoice screen, we have a checkbox that by default is T but if the company changes it should change to F . This is working fine 9.7 web version.
  10. Issue: In 10.9 web if we use brackets within the if statement in an expression it is not evaluating the values and doesn’t consider those brackets. It does simple calculations without considering the brackets. This type of issue was not there in the 9.7 web version. for example: if(companyid=1, sale amount -(saleamountnormal+saleamountforex),0)
  11. Grid attachments are randomly missing. We have already provided the fix but still, the attachments are missing some time and the attachment file is also not available on the server.
  12. Design mode is not working for the ListView.
  13. ○ Note: There’s a known issue while resaving the listview’s design along with created views, which will be addressed in upcoming patch releases.

  14. Back button – Visibility to be clear
  15. Iview Parameter Issue – Not showing value for custom parameter based on the previous parameter
  16. Import Export utility not functioning.
  17. Hyperlink in Form. After assigning the hyperlink to the field, we are unable to remove the hyperlink, if we want to remove the same how do we remove the hyperlink after assigning it? Also, while assigning the hyperlink if the type is “iview” , in the parameter list instead of showing the respective parameter name, it is showing as undefined
  18. When we are choosing the special field as ‘Table Field’ and defining the properties, in the run mode at form level would able to see the entered data with the separator properly. For example Comapny|AGILE, Legal Entity|ENT001. But when we click and open the details it is showing two rows as
    ○ Company – AGILE
    ○ Legal- ENT001
    Note: Read only is also handled along with this issue.

  1. Data cannot be Imported using the Import utility for both Excel and CSV files. Also Plz check the following points.
    • Once the CSV file has been uploaded, the header displays all the selected field’s captions for each column.
    • Import CSV showing error in last page
    • CSV import not importing 1st record
    • the header displays the backend field name rather than the field’s caption for excel
    • Once the excel file has been uploaded, the first-row record of the excel file is missing in the Edit part.
  2. Once the files have been uploaded to the import utility’s dropfiles folder, neither the Excel nor the CSV files can be modified or removed. To re-upload the file, we must exit and reopen the utility.
  3. In new project instance when we try to access through mobile it is giving error as syntax error un-recognized expression unsupported pseudo focusable.
  4. We have defined the SetFieldCaption(Name, Caption) Script in Axpert 11 For a project. But it’s not working
  5. Note:1. SetFieldCaption script function has been introduced in AxpertWeb for Form control events.
    2. Syntax: SetFieldCaption(Name, Caption)
    Ex.: SetFieldCaption({fieldname},{field caption})

  6. Enabled code editor for Expression, SQL, and script in add new field and 11.2
  7. Configurable option to list created on, created by, modified on, and modified by as part of listview columns(DLL Fix)
  8. Hyperlink is not working in the list view to load the data. It is observed that, if the first field is a drop-down field the hyperlink is not getting enabled. As per the client business rule, we will have only one field which will be dropped and only that particular field will be used in the list view. (DLL Fix)
  9. Feature: PDF template with Rich text and multiple variable bindings(Medium Priority) Allsec HCM (Feature)[Fixed in Action and Scripts DLL]. (DLL Fix)
  10. Grid attachments are randomly missing.
  11. Invoice records getting duplicated randomly.
    • Checked through axpertlog and could see two consecutive action calls for save&print with different recordids
    • For the respective session id, no records were found for the web execution trace.
    • No errors found in an error log or log folder in this regard. The session id itself is not available in a log, axerrorlog, and axpert folders inside scripts.
      Note: Enhanced Execution trace due to random duplicate invoice issue.

  1. Import Export utility not functioning
    • the header displays the backend field name rather than the field’s caption for excel templates
    • the header displays the backend field name rather than the field’s caption for CSV templates
    • Make the Drag & Drop area size bigger on the dropping of the file.
    • The First record is not uploaded and the rest are uploading (for excel without headers)
    • the First record is appending in a selected row in a data table (for excel without headers)
  2. Excel Export in Iview Option not coming and Tasks/Utility button is not showing in 11.2 version
  3. Popup close is hiding the toolbar button
  4. Unable to do design changes, it shows Error while saving the design.
  5. Note: This error will occur if the oracle data access dll is not the same version.
    Error message as shown: Error while saving a design, please check the trace file(using show logs) for more details

  6. Fill grid type is ‘Add only when the grid is empty and the grid already has data show a confirmation message same as axpert desktop.
  7. Confirmation:

    • It will clear the existing data and load new data.
    • If click on Confirm, grid data will be cleared and show a fill grid popup.
    • If click on Cancel, the Confirmation popup will disappear.
  8. Added disabled class for better UI for Readyonly fields( checkbox, select, and radio group)
  9. Configurable option to list created on, created by, modified on, and modified by as part of listview columns(DLL Fix)
  10. While generating pdf from view for all selected rows it gets an Access violation error( DLL Fix)
  11. In the screen, we have a validation to control backdated entries. on clicking of submit button, it shows the validation error message properly. but when we click on the save and print button it shows ‘ SSave and Print not completed due to an unexpected error’.( DLL Fix)
  12. Allsec HCM – Tstructs & Iviews: Mouse actions – Double click required when the page is opened from the menu search box
  13. Conditions criteria dropdown lists do not disappear even after selecting the value while exporting data
  14. Unable to export data with conditions for the forms with a single column in the header
  15. The form caption is getting repeated by a number of times when we click on the New button
  16. Below mentioned control scrollbar/UI issue was fixed in Static Design mode.
    • Radio Group
    • Large Text
    • RichText
    • Image
  17. Issue: FIll Data from multi-select fill grid and try again to fill then showing undefined error instated of fill grid data.
  18. Dependency issue: Tax Category not filling/getting value based on HSN code
  19. Dependency issue: Grid-Stock field is not showing available stock
  20. Multi-select fill grid header columns will show the same as the definition whichever format getting from DB either map column/ SQL query column
  21. We cannot be able to edit/ Reset the view once after adding a new view in Iview/Listview
  22. When we make the changes to the list design, it is affected the specific user who does the changes and not appearing for all users. Need the option that the changes should happen globally.
  23. Test Case Description: check that when the user changes the order of columns on the design functionality then the saved design is not reflected in the list view
  24. Check that when the user Adds a chart in the List view without creating any new view. On click of the saving chart button pop up window not displaying for to save the chart details in under a separate view.

  1. If Payment Mode is “Credit” means the To Pay by column is not loading properly and it’s coming 0 value. After clicking the dropdown its loading the correct values.
  2. While changing the corporate field from general to any one corporate (or) one corporate to general, the Price list is not updated properly
  3. While selecting the service in Grid, Rate, and qty are not shown. If we delete the row and after adding a new row, the rate is displayed. The function is used to get the rate. The rate field definition is Accept field, Suggestive True with Select query.
  4. In fill from pop up a grid over all select option is not working
  5. In the latest patch, I am unable to select All rows at once from the fill grid Popup.
  6. “# “symbol showing instead of “&” symbol in Doctor name column, due to which “Invalid selection doctor name” error is thrown
  7. Number type fields should be right aligned in Grid DC in view mode
  8. When we fill the data using the filled grid at run time, it is left-aligned and when we manually add the row the data is right-aligned. After saving only, it shows correctly (right aligned).
  9. While selecting the Fill Grid, Design is away from the grid.
  10. Cancel transaction action not working in Ip admission cancel, appointment screens
  11. In Ip admission and Nurse Ward allocation, values are not visible in the Select dropdown which is filled from the Fill grid.
  12. Not able to upload the attachments(Doctor prescription scan,Issue Tracker)
  13. Grid Attachments are not working. Unable to attach any document in the Grid. It shows as a disabled box. Unable to click on it.
  14. Need option to Disable & Delete the form( DLL Fix)
  15. Need option to Disable & Delete the Fields( DLL Fix)
  16. Chart – Allowing us to save duplicate
  17. Allsec HCM -Custom View – Date Field – Should allow entering manually
  18. In reports arrow_drop_down/arrow options are not working only when we click on Show all records button.
  19. Autohide in global parameters is not working.
  20. While exporting data, Caption and field name should be shown together in the field selection.
  21. Unable To Open Iview Drilldown Hyperlink
  22. List View – Additional Records are showing – Showing different values for different people, additional value is getting added as 0 the record
  23. Axrow Option Issue – tried creating arrow option for 11.2. The caption along with the icon is coming fine….but that hyperlink not working. after clicking on that is not redirecting us to the concerning page.

  1. Adding global variables/dynamic form related variables through AxMemLoad function during Login/DoFormLoad
  2. ○ Script: AxMemLoad({sqlfunction},{parameters})
    § example:
    □ AxMemLoad({fn_get_employee_attributes_json},{m_employee_code})

  3. Toolbar action button grouping not working if defined through Custom struct
  4. While adding a new row in the grid by using the tab button, the cursor is pointed to header DC(Pharmacy order)
  5. On saving a record and checking view history it should show the server date and time. Allow time zone variation controlled through the settings page with true/false values.○ Note: Allow time zone variation controlled through the Settings Page with true/false. By default, time zone variation time would be applied in transactions created on/ modified on values. If time zone variation is not required time zone variation setting needs to be switched off in the Settings Page.
  6. Task PDF option is not working.
  7. When they tried to use m_systemdate (defined as a global variable) in the expression of the date field.
  8. When the user loads the data from the listview, unable to see the checklist data
  9. Unable to Export data from grid
  10. Listview is not functioning if the form has a single record. It shows an empty page while we open the list view.
  11. Check that when the User creates a Dropdown from the Form field Then pop up error message displayed as “confirm! Task not completed due to an unexpected error.” (DLL Fix)
  12. Unable to see the data in Listview when Form is having only one data in RUNTIME
  13. When the user selects a value in the Param Field other than the ‘ALL’, it is not redirecting to the corresponding IVIEW data. The same issue in Multiselect Iview
  14. In Menu List, End Tsruct has the error while submitting in Form properties. (Def_Structs)

  1. When we create a form using JSON, we are calling API in scripts. we need that Execute API Link as a variable like a username(Web and DLL)
  2. ○ Note: Below the application, variable has been introduced to get the AxpertScript path as a variable.
    § Variable Name: axp_apipath

  3. We need the project name (schema name like hcmdev hcmdevaxdef) as a variable like a username(DLL)
  4. ○ Note: Below the application, variables have been introduced to get Run & Def project names as a variable.
    § Variable Names: axp_appschema, axp_devschema

  5. For the table field type, when we are adding a new row, the extra rows are getting added automatically. This repeats for 3rd and 4th etc by adding one more extra row each time.
  6. Table Field – The dependent values are not listed based on the source field and the drop-down is showing no values Param: with another field of table
  7. The image component is not allowing me to click and upload the image file. Need an option where we can click on the arrow mentioned in the middle or on the image and able to upload the image. Now we have to click on the pencil (change avatar) and then upload
  8. The grid becomes not editable on data load if there is an attachment field and file attachment is done. Though it allows us to enter the data after submitting it will show the old record itself.
  9. Calendar icon is getting disabled on data load and not able to change/edit the record in the grid.
  10. The validate expression message is not closing even when we click on the cancel or ok button and also not allowed to edit the field value sometimes in which validate expression is been given.
  11. If the last column in the grid is of Attachment, on clicking the tab it is not adding the new row. Users need to click on Add row manually to add the row. Need option adds row automatically on tab press.
  12. Unable to Open the Form (In On Form Load) Along with the data From Another Form.
  13. If any error occurred due to validation or expression particular field should be focused
  14. Field navigation is not working properly. It is not allowed to the next field without typing or selecting in drop down when using tab order
  15. If Cancel Transaction is created in Desktop then it will show the message box to enter the remarks for cancellation but If the Cancel Transaction script is created in Developer then it is not showing the message box to enter the remarks for cancellation. Once the cancel button is clicked the transaction gets canceled.
  16. On form load, buttons are showing for workflow actions.
  17. 1. Click submits button and then unable to click the ‘View History’ and Workflow buttons to take action. 2. After reloading the screen from TODOList, the workflow buttons are visible.

  18. Update Fields (AxpFlds) and Buttons (AxToolBar) in AppSchema for AxpertRuleEngine purpose.(DLL Fix)
  19. Unable to assign menu position in form creation through JSON.(DLL Fix)
  20. AxPrint() Functionality is working with three slash instead of two in the OutputFilePath Param.(DLL Fix)
  21. Display messages which are defined in valid row expression for failed cases- client-side message enhancement based on valid row expression.
  22. ScrollBar to be made a little darker
  23. Add view option in Iview – Hidden columns should not be there in the listing while row grouping.
  24. Add view option in Iview – Search in row grouping is not clickable.
  25. The columns after the checkbox show irrelevant data. There is an issue in the listview, if the fields are ordered after the Checkbox field, It shows the same checkbox symbol as the value for all remaining fields(columns) which comes after the checkbox field. (DLL Fix)
  26. The language column which is a drop-down is displayed as a check box in the list view. (DLL Fix)

  1. The dependency fields are not working if the source field type is CheckList.
  2. Table Field – The dependent values are not listed based on the source field and the drop-down is showing no values
  3. 1. I have 2-time fields in the header. these fields are not stored in the database. 2. I have 2-time fields in the grid. these fields are coming as the date and storing as date only
  4. Test case Description Submitted Time Field Data is not visible when loaded record from listview
  5. In a ticket we have requested for API as variable.
  6. Unable to assign menu position in form creation through JSON (API)(DLL Fix)
  7. Unable to create Fields in DC2 using JSON (API)(DLL Fix)
  8. ADD FORM API converts transit to lowercase instead taking as it is(DLL Fix)
  9. Error in FormSave – CopyFlatTableDataFromDefToApp.relationaxtoolbar does not existTask ID-007796-#2386 Workflow issues-We have a workflow for a role. 2 users are assigned to the role. if we create any entry, it shows pending with only one username. it should show pending with both usernames separated by commas. (DLL Fix)
  10. When we click on search in the transaction and click on view columns, the hidden fields are also appearing in the list.
  11. Import Data – Custom Import Dialog – Excel Template Download issue: The template file is downloaded, but the file name is missing and the name
  12. Parameter in view not showing data based on date selected
  13. Unable to load Transaction from drill down reports
  14. Data and caption overlap issue in Print option of iview
  15. Split window is not working on application of latest release
  16. Sorting – Not getting highlighted – Icon to show the selected column on sorting
  17. ○ Note: Manual Sorting can be reset by double-clicking header columns

  18. List View is not working, if the structure is saved in Developer (DLL Fix)
  19. Date Parameters in iview with default expressions not working (DLL Fix)
  20. User access error messages Not showing (DLL Fix)