Agile Developer


The Release Contains below-mentioned Features, Enhancements

  1. Easy signin template based on projects
  2. Configuration:

    • Create HTML page in CustomPages directory with name as {{connectionName/projectName}}.html
    • Example 1 : projectName.html

    • In web.config enable “landingPageHTML” configuration by setting value as “true”
    • The custom html should be wrapped around in following code:
    • <template class=”templateAgContent”> … </template>

    • HTML Should compulsorily have “axCustomLoginControl” class to custom linked controls along with “data-id” attribute with value as REAL FIELD id as below
    • List of Important Controls:

      • Username Control: axUserName
      • Passwsord Control: axPassword
      • Remember Me Control: signedin
      • Submit Button: btnSubmit
      • Forgot Password Link: lblForgot


      • <input class=”axCustomLoginControl” data-id=”axUserName” type=”text” name=”Username” />
      • <input class=”axCustomLoginControl” data-id=”axPassword” type=”password” name=”Password” />
      • <input class=”axCustomLoginControl” data-id=”signedin” type=”checkbox” />
      • <button class=”axCustomLoginControl” data-id=”btnSubmit” href=”#”>LOG IN</button />
      • <a class=”axCustomLoginControl” data-id=”lblForgot” href=”#”>Lost your Password?</a>
    • To open the SignIn page for the required project open the website with first URL parameter as {{connectionName/projectName}}
    • Example:
      Note: Custom Html in Signin page will not have Background Image and Project Logo set in Configuration Page, this has to be handled in this custom signIn page templete itself.

  3. Add/Remove fields in the existing form on the run site
  4. Steps to Enable this feature:
    ‘Add New Field’ button by defining a script. Create a User Defined button that can add a button on the Toolbar screen( Axpert developer studio).
    Click of Add New Field toolbar button on the Run site. Will open the ‘Add New Field’ page in Axpert Configuration studio, here one can add/remove the field.

  5. On form load, event in the online form scripts
  6. Below functions are added in Form Control scripts as well:

    • LoadForm(Transid,Params,DisplayMode,RefreshOnClose:String)
    • LoadFormAndData(Transid,Params,DisplayMode,RefreshOnClose:String)
    • LoadPage(PageName,Params,DisplayMode,RefreshOnClose:String)
    • LoadIView(IViewName,Params,DisplayMode,IsPopupRefreshParent:String)
    • OpenPage(PageName,Params,DisplayMode,RefreshOnClose:String)


    • LoadForm({scrip},{},{d},{T})
    • LoadFormandData({scrip},{emp=:ename},{p},{})
    • LoadIView({empmstls},{},{p},{T})
    • LoadIView({iviscrip},{Employee=:emp},{p},{t})
    • LoadPage({PageTscstm2}, {}, {p}, {T})
    • OpenPage({PageTsnewc}, {}, {p}, {})
  7. Introducing Search button
  8. In Form, we use Search Button Functionality where we require a Configuration for a drop-down field. We can set an order or Index, and search result set field configuration is also required. As a result after the search, the fields that are chosen are displayed.

  9. Mobile Hybrid App: Validate User against the Device
  10. For one of Agile’s project, we need to validate the user during login. i.e. User should be able to log in from an authorized handheld device only. So we need an option where we can store the mobile’s IMEI number or a unique number in the AxUsers table and validate the same while login in.
    User login tstruct definition (axusers table) is required.
    Please add a field in users login tstruct (i.e., axusers table) as below.
    Field Name: isuniquehybrid
    Field Caption : Allow hybrid login from unique device
    Datatype : character
    Data width : 1
    Default value : {F}
    Component : checkbox

  11. Check Box component to be displayed in the List View
  12. Tstruct Image – Logo – To Display in full size
  13. In a client-created mobile application, the app is not responsive depending on the mobile screen
  14. On click of getweight button, it is displaying the previous value
  15. Need to execute procedure using firesql in postgresDB(DLL Fix)
  16. Post action with all selected rows event is not operating in web
  17. It works fine in Axpert but in web, it only posts the first record and terminates other records. (DLL Fix)

  18. AxRules Engine (Version:1) has been introduced with below rules
    Allow Empty

  19. Option to configure default listview load on click of page
  20. Configuration: “Excel Export With Formatting”
    Key: “Listview as Default”
    Property Code: “General”
    Value: true/false(default)
    Description: Use this key to directly load Listview as Default for the saved form
    For ensuring the following feature works, please resave the form from developer mode

  21. Check Box component to be displayed in the List View
  22. PDF template with Rich text and multiple variable bindings
  23. Functionality: The Rich text and Memo fields defined in TStructs can be directly used in PDF templates in Fast reports by setting appropriate field names to Rich / Memo component names in pdf templates.
    Once the Rich/Memo component names are set as filed name, those component values will be replaced by field values during PDF file creation. Additionally, any fields in the tstruct or any global variables can be used as variables in Rich/Memo field content as {fieldname} or {globalvar}. Those variables also will be replaced by field or global variable
    values during PDF file creation.
    For Example:

    Transid : empofr

    Caption : Employee Offer

    field name1 : comname , Caption : Company Name

    field name2 : empname , Caption : Emplyee Name

    field name3 : panno , Caption : PAN Number

    field name4 : offno, Caption : Offer No

    field name5 : offdate , Caption : Offer Date

    field name6 : offletter, Caption : Offer Letter [Suppose this field has defined the type as Rich Text]

    During Run time , the data entered as follows in this form:

    comname : ABC Company

    empname : Employee1

    panno : AAAAAAAA

    offno : 1111111

    offdate : 22/07/2022

    offletter (fields value as follows):


    Company : {compname}

    Offer No : {offno}

    Offer Date : {offdate}

    Dear {empname},

    Welcome to XYZ! Thank you for getting connected with us.XYZ is the largest staffing company in India with nearly 3 Lakh associates. We have operations all across the country, and we partner with more than 1000 companies to provide employment. Besides India, we operate in 10 countries



    Now Create a PDF template in Fastreport which contains a Rich or Memo componant. And set its Name as “offletter”.During PDF file will be created during run time for the above record would be as follows:


    Company : ABC Company

    Offer No : 1111111

    Offer Date : 22/07/2022

    Dear Employee1,

    Welcome to XYZ! Thank you for getting connected with us.XYZ is the largest staffing company in India with nearly 3 Lakh associates. We have operations all across the country, and we partner with more than 1000 companies to provide employment. Besides India, we operate in 10 countries worldwide.


    1. Rich text component font setting not available during run time in Fastreport as of now.

    2. Memo components font setting can be done for full text, but not available by line or word-wise during run time.

  24. Axpert Web Bootstrap 5 Upgradation : Form Rich Text Box changes.
  25. The attachments are stored in parent folder instead of the specific location
  26. The specific location path is working in case if are mentioning it in the expression and not storing it as per the path in case it is mentioned as SQL.

  27. Error while choosing the Select From and Data Source Field
  28. Loading Error from List View – CDS_xds:Field ‘remarks’ not found
  29. The error message in the form is not disappearing automatically
  30. In case of validation, the error message is appearing the number of times of click. The success message is disappearing automatically and the error message remains even after going to the new form.

  31. Invalid Data from Server Error – While loading the data
  32. Whenever we are trying to load the data from iview/report, we are getting an error message as ‘Invalid Data From Server’ even though the data is getting loaded. However, data is not getting refreshed if we change the parameters from the iview and load the data again.

  33. The image is not loading on the form load event
  34. Though the other data is getting loaded, in the same tstruct if we use the search button and load the data, the image is getting displayed.