Agile Developer release04






This Release Contains below mentioned Features, Enhancements and Fixes


1. Stay signed in- Session will not expire until user Logout’s from the application.

To configure add the below mentioned key in web.config. <add key=”staysignin” value=”true” />

2. SSO Authentication- Below SSO authentications are added in this release and can be enabled at configuration level. [On related to this change, the 3 files Signin.aspx.vb , SigninInter.aspx ,SigninInter.aspx.cs needs to be removed from “axpx” folder manually , as it’s patch update].

  • Office 365.
  • Google.
  • Facebook.
  • OKTA.

3. Auto Save Draft- It automatically saves a copy of your forms at regular interval of time.

4. Performance improvement changes during login.

5. Avoided dropdown selection of project if domain/website name existing in the axapps.XML files.

6. Provide an option to enable horizontal scrollbar for grid frame, if number of columns are more.

Bug Fixes

  1. Getvalue() function is not returning the previous rows values in Form load.
  2. In Hybrid Mobile App, multi-select field is showing the keyboard,while loading list from dropdown it should not show keyboard.
  3. Default Password Policy should be enabled, If user enter incorrect username password the account will expire(based on the given number of attempts).
  4. When user tried with incorrect password(based on given number of wrong attempts) the system should show correct error message. Currently it is showing “Please try later…”. Actually the correct message should be “Your account is locked. Please contact administrator to unlock”.
  5. If user is opening any report from search option then in history its showing “Title Not Found”.
  6. In Arabic language, After opening the reports,the search window icon is showing on top of the Iview Title.This must be shown inside the search window.
  7. In Arabic language, After opening the Iviews,the param fields are not fit in to the param window and moving out of the param window.
  8. In Arabic language, during dynamic filter search for the fields,filter icon is showing inside the search value field and the cross option to clear the search value should be left side of the field.Cross option to close the search window should be left side of the window.
  9. Some of the field values are cutting at the bottom in the fields as well as in iview param window fields.
  10. In Arabic language, elect field in forms is having cross option to delete the value is showing right side to the field,it must be shifted to left.
  11. In Arabic language, Back Button to move to the previous forms and reports must be shifted to the Left side.
  12. When Logged in to the Application in Internet Explorer,and opens the Reports,the columns are not properly merging with the column headings.
  13. In Arabic language, when the drill down reports are opened from the parent report(hyperlink),the closing option for the window is showing on the right,it must be shifted to left side.
  14. In Arabic language, picklist- advance search is not showing properly.
  15. In Arabic language, after selecting value in auto-complete field, not able to select value and ‘clear’ icon is also not at correct place,.
  16. In Arabic language, “ADD ROWS” and “CLEAR GRID” dropdown is not showing properly,Also CLEAR GRID is not showing in ARABIC Language and dropdown button is overlapping on DC name.
  17. In Arabic language, wizard dc is not showing properly. check the given form.
  18. in Arabic language, search icon is overlapping on iview header name.
  19. In Arabic language, vertical radio buttons are not showing. pls refer the given page.
  20. In Arabic language, if iview parameter is having only picklist then search icon is not visible properly.
  21. In Arabic language, iview parameter date field is overlapping on date picker.
  22. In Arabic language, iview pop-up close button is not showing at correct place.
  23. In Arabic language, if any transaction is canceled then info icon is not showing at correct place.
  24. In hybrid app, checklist is not showing the data properly, it is not showing ‘select all’ option also. And the UI of checklist field is also not aligned properly.
  25. In Fill Grid, Grid options are displaying for next grid also.
  26. While creating charts and building the dashboard, When we are publishing the Page Builder its throwing error.
  27. while using the POST action for Each Selected Row or all selected Row, it posts the first record only and Gives Error as Database connection lost. It wont work again unless we go to some other transaction or view and come back.
  28. Unable to fill the data. it is giving invalid input syntax for type timestamp with time zone: “F”‘
  29. Once the Workflow email received to the respective email id when the user click for approve it open an another webpage in browser where when we enter username and password it comes as invalid username and password. We are getting workflow approval issue.