Agile Developer release08

This Release Contains below mentioned Features, Enhancements and Fixes


  1. UI enhancement for global parameters, user details and signout button.
  2. Provide an option to list all your documents within the application like user manual, help document or other documents.
    for more details refer | User Guide.
  3. File uploads can be done by creating specialized File Upload fields in forms. These can be created in both Grid and Non Grid DC, The field name should be prefixed with AxpFile_. Such a field is called the FileUpload Field.
    For more details, refer | File Upload

Bug Fixes

  1. While attaching file if user click on attach and after that if user is clicking on ‘Close’ button then second time attach button is not clickable.
  2. File upload icon not displaying for some of the frames.
  3. In File Upload alert message is not showing while uploading duplicate files in same field.
  4. While merging reports column, heading is not aligned to the center.
  5. Popups are getting closed when clicks on title bar.
  6. In hybrid mobile- while loading data, grid frames are not showing the rows.

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