Agile Developer release04

The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 Smart View Chart above table enhancements.
2 Row Template not applying after row refresh.
3 Report sub-caption not showing passed parameter.
4 Checkboxes are getting unselected after performing the action.

  • Configuration: Checkbox selection will be cleared by default after task execution, this behavior can be changed by using Developer Option key “Clear Selected Report Rows after Task Execution” with Property Code as “Clear Selected Report Rows after Task Execution” with value as “true”(default) / “false”.
5 Iview toolbar modern buttons to support long button caption.
6 While doing the fill-grid(to Grid DC2), the respective field SQL is not refreshing. But if we go through add row then it is working fine.
7 While calling ‘Open Iview’ action from a tstruct it is not navigating to the target iview.
8 Should have Axpert interface to access the script and write the scripts or the common functions.

  • Release notes: Below are the functions available in AxInterface.js
    • AxGetGlobalVar() – Returns JSON.
    • AxSubmitData(transId) –- Data is sent to DB by calling the save data web service.
    • AxLoadDataJSON(transId, recordId) –- Returns JSON of data.
    • AxFormLoadData(transId, searchVars) — The search key values are given as name=value pairs.
    • AxGetValue(transId, fieldName, dcNo, rowNo) — Returns Field value.
    • AxGetRowCount(transId, dcNo) — Returns no of rows in DC.
    • AxGetRowData(transId, dcNo, rowNo) — Returns JSON of the row.
    • AxSetValue(transId, fieldName, dcNo, rowNo, value) — Sets value to local data set.
    • AxLoadData(transId, recordId) — loads data into local data set.
    • AxClearData(transId) — clears dataset.
    • AxGetIViewParams(iviewName) — Returns a JSON String of all params in the IView.
    • AxSetParamValue(iViewName, paramName, paramValue) — To set param values.
    • AxGetIView(iviewName) — Execs IView using the set param values and returns JSON.
    • AxGetWidgetData(widgetId) — Returns JSON of widget data.
    • AxGetSqlData(sqlName, sqlParams) — Returns JSON of sql query data.