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The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

  • With 2600 rows, exporting to XL is taking too long.
    • Configuration: “Excel Export With Formatting”
    • Key: “Excel Export With Formatting”
    • Property Code: “Excel Export With Formatting”
    • Value: disable/enable(default)
    • Description: Use this key to disable the formatting of export excel in iview to improve the speed.
    • Note: Excel export is dependent on the client system performance as well

  • In XL, formulas do not work. Calculations stop working after exporting to Excel.
  • A few Iviews do not support the Tasks button with Export to XL, PDF, etc.
  • For action calls that have a save job, data validation has been introduced at the client side.
  • Client-side data validation for the field property “only positive” introduced
  • The application will display the message “Task not completed due to an unexpected error.” with the options to retry and abort if an unexpected error occurs during the action call to save and print invoices.
    Retry will reload the data, allowing the user to print the invoice once again.
    Abort, meanwhile, causes the current page to reload empty.
  • The functioning of attachments is poor. Task ID-006967 already exists, and since we submitted a workaround for patch 32, we have closed this ticket. Because this was already closed, we are unable to open this ticket. Accurately, we have also told the customer that this problem has been resolved in release 32. However, the customer has returned it and claims that it is not functional.
  • Note: If any issues occur during grid file upload, exception logs will be written in the “GridAttachmentErrors” folder under the ASBScripts/Log folder. Using the information in the exception file, the concerned Project Solution Team members can take the necessary corrective action. Additionally, they can send the same file to the Product Team for any additional help relating to the exception issues in the Grid Attachment functionality (those are captured by exception logs).

  • The docx fr3 file cannot be downloaded from the internet. It works on a desktop.
  • Trial Balance Sheet Grand Total is not properly displayed. It functions correctly if pagination is set to 0.
    Otherwise, the overall calculation is inaccurate. (DLL Fix)
  • When you save a cash invoice, a duplicate record is created. Initiative – (DLL Fix)
  • Hyperlink in the view – hyperlink in the view is not working as required(DLL Fix)
  • On the popup window we have tried the layout adjustment but the layout restores the default layout during the next login