Agile Developer release03


The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 Add/edit/delete View In SmartView new changes are made.
2 “HomeSessExpriesUrl” configuration cleanup from web.config.
3 Search Hidden Columns in Reports

  • Configuration: Hidden column search is disabled by default, in order to search hidden column data by using Developer Option key “Search Hidden Columns in Reports” with Property Code as “Search Hidden Columns in Reports” with value as “true” / “false”.
4 Old Iview Button Style Toolbar UI buttons order is reverse.
5 Session expiry message not showing if node server is not connected.
6 File reader does not dispose of & closes after file read during login.
7 Tstruct action buttons can group as a set of group buttons but it is not grouping as defined in axconfigs_transid table.
8 If the Expression & Validate expression contain double quotes in the message, then the tstruct not working properly,
9 While defining any expression in any field, the result is not showing properly, it is showing as undefined.
10 Application getting session expiry error. Perform any action on split tstruct/iview.
11 Iview Pagination error when scrolling down for the next set of records.
12 loader showing continuously – If the user changes the date from the parameter, then continuously it is showing loader only.

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