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Toolbars in tstructs

Toolbars in tstructs

A tstruct/form by default will have following buttons:

  • New
  • Submit
  • Search
  • List
  • Remove
  • Options

There is a toolbar on top and a toolbar at the bottom. The New and Submit button can be found at the bottom left of the page. The user-added options will by default get added under options. The buttons to be displayed in the bottom toolbar can be chosen.

How to create user-defined buttons?
1. Click on the Toolbar option in the developer.

2. Add a row in the User-defined button section.

3. Enter the caption for the button.
4. Select the script you want to execute on the button click.

5. Click on Save and Save the structure.
6. Go to run site and open the Tstruct to find the defined button in the options dropdown.

How to create a group?
A group is a collection of buttons that can be found under a given name. To create a group and add buttons
1. Click on the Toolbar option in the developer.
2. Click on Add Group an enter a suitable caption for the group.

A new group is created successfully. To add buttons under this group, go to the user defined buttons and choose the group name under individual buttons.

The buttons can be found under this group name in the run site