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Barcode /QR code Scanner

To update data in the system using Barcode or QR code we can use the scan or file upload option. Create a simple text field with the “barqr_” prefix followed by the field name.

Agile developer lowcode Code Scanner

In the run site, a field to update the code is provided as shown below.

Agile developer lowcode Code Scanner

Click on the icon, a pop-up appears asking to begin scanning or upload an image to be scanned. Scan the image by granting camera permissions, the details will be updated in the dc

Agile developer lowcode DC Updated

Click on “Scan an image file” to upload an image. A pop-up to upload the file appears as shown.

Agile developer lowcode Image File

If the same QR code is scanned multiple times in the same dc then a pop-up notifying the duplication appears.

Agile developer lowcode QR Code

Try Out

Add a field for uploading the files or certificates based on the employee Qualification in dc2 of the Axbox employee form.

Agile developer lowcode Axbox Employee