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What’s New in 10.8?

Note for upgrade

When upgraded from a lower version, the following change needs to be done in Web.config:

  • Open Web.config file from the root directory of Axpert. This is the folder where Axpert dot net is installed.
  • Remove the XMLNS attribute from configuration element. This element can be found in the first line of web config.

Features & Enhancements

AES Encryption

Passwords can now be encrypted using AES algorithm and stored in database. This can be enabled by enabling the property “Apply advanced encryption standard on user password”. This property is available under “User Access & Password policy setting” in property window in Axpert Desktop.

HTTPS support

The home page & widget builders did not support HTTPS in earlier versions. This version can be deployed in HTTPS environment.

Slick home page

Home pages can now be made to look more attractive by setting on the “Slick group” attribute. This attribute is available in the page property sheets in page builder. This will group KPI, Charts, Tables and make them look attractive. This option is now available when page layout is basic.


Forms can now have a field to upload attachments. This field will allow users to upload one or more documents, remove and change them. To create a field to enable users to upload attachments, the field name should be prefixed with axp_nga. This feature is now enabled only Axpert Web and not available in desktop. The attachments will be stored in file servers and not in database. The path in which the file will be stored can be specified using application variables AxpImagePath. The file server URL or server name can be provided in AxpImageServer.

File download feature in Reports/IViews

Files can be downloaded from lists (defined as IViews). To enable this feature in an IView, introduce a column in the iview named axp_attach. This column should have the complete file path along with file name. On click of the link, the file will be downloaded. Attachments made through fields in forms/tstructs have to be downloaded. To do this add columns transid, fieldname & recordid. These columns should contain the tstruct name, field name & record id of the transaction. The contents from the given field and record will be shown in the axp_attach column. Users will have options to download by clicking on any file that is displayed in the “axp_attach” column.

Work flow

A new attribute/variable named From Mail Id is introduced in work flow configuration. Axpert will send mails to users for doing approvals. By default, these mails will be sent from the originating users mail id. This can be changed by providing a mail id in this attribute. Now, user organizations could have a common mail id to send mails from Axpert.

Grids as a frame

Set TStruct Grid Edit property to Form. This property can be set through Developer Option. It can be set for any form or all forms. In this mode, grids in forms will be shown as non grid with options to add rows, remove rows and navigate through them.

Multi select fields

Selection or drop down fields in tstructs/forms allow user to choose only one value. There may be need for user to select multiple values. To enable this set the property “Multi Select Field” to true. This property can be set through advanced configuration. The multiple values selected by user will be set as the field value. The values will be delimited by comma. The delimiter can be changed to any other character by setting it in the “Property Info” attribute field in the advanced configuration. The dropped down values may be grouped. Users can then select one or more values from each group. This will be useful in making complex user selection that may be used to describe data more accurately. Grouped selection is enabled by providing the following columns in the SQL result for the drop down field:

  • Mslist – This column will contain the dropped down values that will be displayed for user selection.
  • Groupby – All dropped down values that should be grouped and shown under one heading in the drop down seleciton window will contain the same value in this column.
  • GroupOrder – This specifies the order in which the groups and its elements will be displayed in the selection window. Lowest value first to the highest value.
  • Selected – This can be set to true if the value should be selected by default in the drop down selection window.

Locations and maps in Forms/TStructs

The latitude and longitude of the device in which data is entered can be captured into fields in forms. Add fields named Latitude and Longitude. These fields will be automatically filled with current lat and long.

To display the location on a map, introduce a field named LatLongMap. The field type should be text area. This will work only in non grid DC. The map will be displayed in this field with the lat and long pinned on the map. This needs to be integrated with google maps to work by providing the google map API key. This can be provided in advanced config. Select the property name as Google Map API Key for this form. Set the API key value in property info. The property value should be set as “General”.