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Create Form

1. Click on the Forms/TStruct option to create and edit forms. This will list all the available forms in the application.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Form

2. Click on the New button to create a new form. The “New Form” page will be displayed.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Developer

3. Enter the form name, caption, and click on Submit to finish.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert New Form

Purpose Text is used to display help text or hints related to the fields used in the Form/Tstructs
The Menu position type is set to Default while creation. There are two other position type Insert Before and Add Under. These options allow you to insert the form before an existing form or after. The position type can be changed as per user requirement.

Form/Tstruct Builder

Form/ Tstruct Builder is used to create new forms. All the tstructs/forms created will be available in this space.

Save As

To replicate an existing Tstruct, which will have the same structure as that of the parent, we can use the Save as a button.
1. Go to the desired Tstruct which you would like to replicate
2. Click on the “Save as button”
3. Enter the transid and caption in the popup window and click on Ok

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Tstruct Save As

Go to Tstruct menu and find your copy with the caption provided earlier.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Tstruct menu

Form Design

To access form design on the developer site, click on the Form Design button available. A pop-up window with form fields that can be redesigned appears.

Agile developer lowcode Axpert Tstruct Form Design

Check out this video to know more about Form Design

Try Out

Try creating a Form for Employee with a suitable name and submit it. A New Form is created with the given name. For Example, Let us create a form to gather details of employees of Axbox company.
Agile developer lowcode Axpert Tstruct Tryout

Check Out this video to know more about Form creation