Agile Developer release03


This Release Contains below mentioned Features, Enhancements and Fixes


1. Provide a feature to make UI and Functional Customization in Forms.

2. Provide an option to get server time in an inputfield.

Note :Create an inputfield starts with “axpdbtm_” to enable Server time.

Bug Fixes

  1. After selecting values in auto-complete field it should allow again to select the value without clearing the existing value.
  2. Form title is not showing properly.
  3. In MSQL DB, Work flow enabled transactions giving error while loading transaction from List view & Search.
  4. Grid attachments referring from one transaction to target transaction is not filling the filenames properly in the target transaction and file not found error is showing when we click on file name.( This issue in both db as well as file server concept). Also Header Image not filling from source to target transaction.
  5. ApplicationCompressedMode property need to be enabled in mobile application.
  6. If breadcrumb feature is enabled, in history forms and reports are showing duplicate times.
  7. While loading an iview by giving parameter name, then it is throwing “service timed out”.
  8. In IE browser, From Download data template options ,if user is selecting csv or excel then after that Import data popup is showing blank .Its not showing any fields.
  9. In two different sessions if user logged in with two different users, and if first user is keeping session idle for 2 minutes and after that if user trying to open any form then automatically session is getting expired.
  10. For home page and landing structure , by default back arrow button showing, it should not show back button for a=landing page and homepage.
  11. In IE browser, After loading any forms/report when user navigated to home by using back arrow button , then on home page still its showing back button.
  12. In IE browser, If user clicks on back arrow button which is showing by default .Then after clicking on back button blank page its showing .
  13. In Firefox & Edge browser, If user is clicking on back arrow button which is showing by default on home page , then automatically session is getting expired.
  14. In utilities, import data is not showing any summary report if any error is coming.
  15. In page builder if user is making some changes in any page and try to load new page without saving the existing page, then loader is showing continuously with the warning message.
  16. After loading custom html editor in design mode, if user click on close button it is not closing the HTML editor window.
  17. On tab while moving one field to next field it should select the value. Also On click on the field it should select the value.
  18. After loading any record from listview auto-complete and picklist ‘remove’ option is not removing the value and it is showing the dimmer, not able to perform other actions.
  19. In hyprid application, fillgrid attachment files are not showing in grid dc.
  20. If any grid field is having any attachment field then after saving the transaction, if user click on that tabbed dc then it is throwing error message as “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.
  21. If any tstruct is having more than one nongrid attachment fields then if user is attaching files in any fields then all the files are attaching to last dc attachment field.
  22. If user is storing image in file server then same image is not loading in target tstruct.
  23. Focus is not going on multi-select field using TAB.
  24. In design mode, multi-select field is not visible properly.
  25. If multi-select field is mandatory and focus is in some other field then not able to save the transaction.
  26. On click of multi-select field it is not showing ‘No Results’, but on enter it is showing.
  27. Multi-select functionality is not working fine in grid dc.
  28. In pop-up grid, multi-select field is not working, so that it is not working in mobile also.
  29. if breadcrumb is enabled then history is showing the root path also.
  30. Grid attachments should save the file to fileServer/axpimagepath without using temporary folder upload.
  31. change Application Setting caption to Developer Options.
  32. Should not show the setting options if the user dont have the build access. 1. In-Memory DB 2. Developer Options 3. DashBoard 4. Global Settings 5. Audit Report 6. Responsibilities.
  33. In mobile app, if breadcrumb is disable then tstruct/iview header is not showing completely.

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