Agile Developer release05

This Release Contains below mentioned Features, Enhancements and Fixes


1. During home page load avoiding node calls to bring the widget data.

Note: Axpert X comes with features to create & deploy widgets. This feature requires node.js server to be deployed. This patch comes with an option of rendering widgets and home page without having to install a node server. Set <add key=”homepagews” value=”true”/> in web.config to enable rendering of widgets without configure node server. But, the creation of widgets will need node server to be installed and configured. Hence, in this patch, the node server installation & configuration can be avoided only in production instance. The development instance still needs node server. This may be overcome in subsequent releases. For more details refer |Switch Off Node.

2. Enhancement in “Global Search”, “Signout” to improve better user interface.

3. Enhancement in “Auto Save Draft” feature.

4. Provide an option to enable/disable the keyboard for autocomplete fields in mobile. For more details refer |Disable keyboard.

Bug Fixes

  1. Split option is showing in Homepage.
  2. In IE browser, merge columns are showing properly in reports.
  3. In hybrid app, if keyboard is open and user is trying to open the menu then page is getting disabled.
  4. workflow level dropdown is not showing, it is hiding behind the menu.
  5. If use is opening main page directly then application is throwing error message “Oops! there seems to be some problem. Please try later.” it should navigate to session page.
  6. If application is ideal for some time and user trying to open any report/form, then it is throwing error message as “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”
  7. if project connections not available in axapps, then signin page giving error as “invalid username and password”.
  8. Not able to delete in memory db keys, it is throwing error message as “no keys selected”.
  9. If nongrid and grid attachment fields are last field, then on click of number of attachment files, UI is not good, it is not showing all the file name properly.