Agile Developer release19


The Release Contains below-mentioned Bug Fixes

Sl No. Bug Description
1 eval and regvar expression function changes in the grid.
2 Iview Split – Parent Frame is not loading after saving the Tstruct.
3 Custom HTML with Google Map – Tstuct fields are not visible.
4 Iview – Dependent Params Issue in Sub report.
5 Unable to Resize the column width.
6 SSO Login Fixed.
7 Field caption Font style in tstruct fields are not working in the web.
8 In CTC Offer screen when we are adding the expression fieldname * number ex CTC*0.10 it is not calculating the values in other field with EVAL function web. In desktop it is calculating.

  • Note: regvar function related changes.
9 GI StaffingPassword protected pdf is not previewing in web. In desktop if we open, it is opening and asking for password.

  • Note : Please add a new key in Developer Options(Advance Settings) as mentioned below.
    • Property: Open Fast Report In New Window.
    • Property Code: Open Fast Report In New Window.
    • Property Value: true/false.
    • Form/Report: All Forms / All Reports / Single Form/ Single Report.
    • User Role: All / Single role.
10 Empty Action/Script Responses are handled.
11 Iview Params with date expression should not cache.
12 Excel file is having a special character for character columns also in the report.

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